Sep 22

Normally, when my iPhone is syncing, it displays the Sync in Progress screen with the Slide to Cancel slider. Well, sometimes, my iPhone remains totally normal while it’s syncing. Just now, I was syncing Crash Bandicoot onto it, and the display remained normal, and my iPhone retained all functionality. The icon just appeared on the screen when it was finished syncing it. It appears that it happens when the iPhone is plugged in, rebooted, and allowed to restart while still being plugged in.

If you’ve been able to duplicate this feature every time, or you have any more info, please leave a comment with more information. It’s a very cool thing to have if you can get it to do it every time. I’d definitely like to have it as a permanent feature.

And credit to jazir for talking to me about it a while back.

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13 Responses to “iPhone display remains normal while syncing”

  1. hostolis Says:

    It has hapoened to me too while i was syncing about 300+ mp3s (yeah too much at once i know). while at itunes on my pc it seemed fine for a while, and the iphone screen was at “slide to cancel” suddenly my phone returned to home screen but the sync was continuing. After a while though, itunes gave me the message iphone could not be synced because the device timed out and then i had to unplug and replug to start the sync again. Maybe ot sounds random but thats what happened..

  2. ybt Says:

    the same thing has happened to me with my iphone 3G after i updated to 2.1 it did do that. i always thought that it wasnt syncing so id unplug it and do it again and then it would work fine.

  3. iambored8907 Says:

    Mine does it occasionally when I am only syncing apps (no music, photos, or videos just apps) But since 2.1 and iTunes 8 I cannot recall it happening since

  4. jazir Says:

    oh god damn it, i emailed this to both braden and jon like a month ago. way to give me credit :(

    i even had like a 9 email correspondance with EACH of them

  5. Braden Says:

    Credit is given where credit is due. I did not do this post because of what you had told me. I did it because It had just happened to me, and I was wondering if anyone else had had it happen to them. I’m sorry if you felt offended, but I did not see the need to give credit for a simple curiosity that I had already been curious about before you talked to me. The post has been edited to include credit to you for talking to me.

  6. jazir Says:

    thanks. did you actually manage to contact saurik? you never responded on that one *shrug*

  7. tp Says:

    it’s probably a surprise feature still in beta from Apple 2.1

  8. me Says:

    LOL… even a simple thing like this you want credit? jeez…

  9. jazir Says:

    sure why not? i know im not the only one who wants to figure out how to get rid of the nuisance that is the sync screen.

  10. toNYc311 Says:

    That sounds more like what it might be. I still feel that firmware 2.1 is the REAL iPhone 3G launch. What we got in July was a beta test lmao. :wink:

  11. Braden Says:

    I did manage to contact Saurik, but I did not have time to discuss it with him in depth. Plus, with 2.1, the application remapping has been partially fixed, so it would be inadequate to speak to him about it now.

  12. jazir Says:

    damn :(

  13. kleenexbox Says:

    wow! thank goodness for this post, i thought i had to exchange my iphone when that kept happening. glad it’s “common.”

    p.s. why is that credit guy so bitter?

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