Sep 21

Among all of the App Store apps, Palringo is probably one of my favorite. The main reason being is ever since I got my first iPhone almost 12 months ago, i was always upset that i had no way of talking to my MSN/AIM buddies. An IM app was the main reason i jailbroke my iPhone to begin with. Now the App Store offers many IM apps, but this one is (in my mind) the most stable and most prominent. Although this update was only a x.x.1 update it still gave it many new features and bug fixes.

Some new features in this update include:

  • unread private messages now saved on exit
  • progress bars when sending/receiving voice/photos
  • reduced network usage (now using compression so that logging in over EDGE/GPRS/3G should be noticeably faster)
  • support for Y! Japan
  • support for SSL/TLS on XMPP (Jabber/GTalk)
  • spam filtering for non-Palringo services (MSN, etc.)
  • ability to disable predictive input
  • ability to set the default status to Away/Busy when leaving Palringo (while the server keeps you connected)
  • remembers your status on all services (MSN/Yahoo/etc.)
  • added russian translation
  • Some fixes include:

  • adding GTalk and XMPP accounts
  • long nicknames wrapping into the rest of the text in chat windows
  • international characters in status lines (Chinese, etc.)
  • ability to send high-resolution album photos
  • improved reconnect feature
  • the ‘invisible’ button works again
  • other stability fixes
  • crashes when sending long messages
  • more accurate French & Polish translations
  • We are all looking forward to the Push Notification Feature update soon and will let you know when that becomes available. For a better understanding of how this will work, see my previous post.

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