Sep 21

Multiple sources inside Apple Retail have reported evidence pointing toward a contract free, home activation option for future iPhone 3G sales, along with a model refresh in pricing and capacity similar to last year’s.
Home activation
When the iPhone 3G debuted, Apple’s original home activation process, handled by the user using iTunes on their home computer, was put on hold. The main reason seemed to be the new phone’s much lower price, which required tying the new purchase to an in-store contract activation.

 However, the in-store contract process not only takes time, but also doesn’t work for foreign buyers who want to purchase an iPhone in the US for use overseas. Apple executives have hinted earlier at the possibility for selling the iPhone 3G without a contract in the US; it’s already sold unlocked at full price in other countries that demand this option by law.

Supporting this is the fact that Apple Store retail employees have reported a new option appearing on their EasyPay systems when making an iPhone 3G sale: Home. Before, the options shown were:

1. Upgrade/Swap existing Phone
2. Â New to AT&T starting a single line
3. Â New to AT&T starting a family line
4. Â Add a line to existing account

The new fifth option for home activation isn’t yet working; clicking it results in an EasyPay crash.

Product refresh

The introduction of home activation and a new unlocked unit price may come with a product refresh. Last year, Apple dropped the 4GB iPhone model and then added a new 16GB model in February 2008.

Retail sources are now reporting inventory shortages of the 8GB iPhone 3G, which might signal its cancelation and even the possible introduction of a 32GB model to match the iPod touch.

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11 Responses to “iPhone 3G home activation and model refresh”

  1. me Says:

    Please.. I’m dying for the 32GB iphone…

  2. Marwan Says:

    oke what do u mean by iphone upgade/swap? like i can give my 2g and get 3g? :smile: :?:

  3. Matthew Says:

    That is just one of the options that the store employee will get when activating your iPhone 3G. They would select it if you were upgrading from an original iPhone contract to a 3G one.

  4. Pyri Says:

    Getting a 32GB iPhone released would piss me off. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll buy one, but I hate that early adopters are shafted. I know that this is the case with all electronics, but still. At least give us a trade in deal for our current 16GB or 8GB. They won’t, but I can wish!

  5. 14 Says:

    hmm im still on a first gen, i think that means right now i can get the 8gb for 200, which is enough memory for me, but i i dont want to extend the contract im alredy half way through. espiacally since im on a family plan

  6. 14 Says: waiting for the next iphone, which will be as thin as an ipodtouch, come in black white and metallic silver, and have mms and videorecording all with no contract at a starting price of 75 dollars:P

  7. POCKATA Says:

    Ha! we insome countries in Europe can do a Home activation with our factory unlocked iPhones. The sad thing is that we have to give about 900$ for the 16 GB model :sad:

  8. dkiearth Says:

    you dont need the 32GB anyway what ever you are going to put in there the battery will not last

  9. Dave Says:

    iPhone 3G without a contract has been available in the UK since 16th of September…US are always behind.

    Price 8GB – £350 ($700)
    16GB – £400 ($800)


  10. Dave Says:

    Actually..the UK are behind the rest of EU.
    EU has none contract since the first day of release :) but they are way overprice.
    Since the UK economy is now under credit crunch. It is cheap to get one :)

    Correct exchange rate now is £1 = $1.75

    So the 16GB at the moment cost only $700

    The sad thing is you can’t get it online. Has to come in store to get one :)

  11. Mr. E Says:

    Where can I get this – my battery drains even when charged!

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