Sep 20

Apple has just recently recalled the “ultracompact” power adapters that were included with every iPhone 3G since its launch. Apparently, the prongs have a habit of breaking off in the outlets and causing obvious electrical hazards. Apple has posted a statement about what users should do. Full details inside.

Apple says:

“Users with ultracompact power adapters should immediately stop using them until they exchange them for a new, redesigned ultracompact adapter.

In the meantime, they should charge their iPhone 3G by connecting it to their computer with the USB cable that came with their iPhone or by using a standard-sized Apple USB Power Adapter (with fold up prongs) or with a third party adapter designed to work with the iPhone, such as a car charger”

Starting October 10th, you may begin to receive a replacement adapter one of two ways:

  • Order a replacement adapter via the web. These replacement adapters will ship within three weeks of your order, starting on Friday, October 10.
  • Exchange your adapter at an Apple Retail Store starting on October 10.Replacement adapters will have a green dot in the bottom corner to differentiate them easily.

    You can read Apple’s article about the Exchange Program here

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    1. Marwan Says:

      omg. good thing i have iphone 1g:) :mrgreen:

    2. toNYc311 Says:

      hehe good thing I still use my old iphone 1g power adapter. :) :mrgreen: I never even bothered to use the new tiny one haha! :lol:

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