Sep 20

BiiBall 3D takes advantage of Bootant’s 3D engine and combines the gameplay of Cube Runner and a rolling ball. The goal of the game is to navigate a rolling ball across landscape and avoid obstacles. You control the ball by tilting your iPhone and shoot at colored rotating cubes by tapping the screen. If an obstacle is hit, the level must be restarted from the beginning.

The latest v0.9.1 release brings the following changes:

* Level is not restarted when the ball is lost
* You can control speed by tilting the device forward / backward
* Improved graphics
* Improved gameplay

Bootant released also a free version BiiBall 3D Lite .
BiiBall 3D can be downloaded from the App Store for the price of $0.99 or 0.79€.

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  1. ME Says:

    My favourite game :)

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