Sep 19

Some of you may experience some issues after updating Cydia and installing or de-installing applications. The error you may see is Mobile Substrate Safe Mode. According to Saurik it has to do with Winterboard and the update of Mobile Substrate in Cydia. This was needed to get many applications compatible with firmware 2.1. The text full of pop-up error that appears is as follows:

“Mobile Substrate Safe Mode. We apologize for the inconvenience, but SpringBoard has just crashed. A recent software installation, upgrade, or removal might have been the cause of this. Your device is now running in Safe Mode. All extensions that support this safety system are disabled. Reboot (or restart SpringBoard) to return to normal mode.”

The solution for this issue is simple. Just reboot your iPhone and all will be ok again. Saurik is currently working on a fix so no worries.

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21 Responses to “Mobile Substrate Safe Mode”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    It happened to me today – twice. After the second reboot, all was well again. Thanks for the timely info!

  2. Rami Mohsen Says:

    yea , it happened to me too , i did a restart , and everything was fine

  3. Jimbo Says:

    This must have something to do with intelliscreen. I just bought the license to the latest intelliscreen version and it happened 3 times. I hope they fix this!!

  4. Randy Says:

    I have seen many different explanations out there as to why this happening. I had it happen to me many times yesterday and had to keep re-booting. Jimbo I agree with you that this was or is an issue with intelliscreen. After I seen mention of that, I removed intelliscreen and my problems are gone. I would suggest removing that to anyone who is having this issue.

  5. Kevin Says:

    you dont even have to reboot…. all you have to do is respring again and you are good to go!

  6. Dr07 Says:

    I’m having the same problem but it only happens when I leave the airplane mode,so it crashes. Can anyone help me with that?

  7. Islam Adel Says:

    It happens to me, each time I install or Update any Application from the App Store ! I don’t have Winterboard, Intelliscreen, etc. Any Idea why this happens?

  8. Jay Freeman (saurik) Says:

    This happens when an extension you have loaded crashes. As an example: when you install anything from App Store, QuickGold sometimes crashes. When you add a Web Clip, I believe Stacks crashes. When you do almost anything, IntelliSense crashes. When this occurs, Mobile Substrate will kick the phone into Safe Mode to make certain you don’t end up at a SWOD. There are currently no known or reported or even rumored crashes-SpringBoard problems that are actually caused by either WinterBoard or Mobile Substrate

  9. david b alford Says:

    I just exchanged email with Saurik, because I couldn’t get the safe mode to disappear by either respringing or rebooting. He gave me 4 suggestions, and since I had only one of the 4 suggestions on my iPhone, I removed it, and Safe Mode went away.

    So, you will have to track down the offending module that is causing you problems, and remedy the crash one way or another before you’re able to get back to normal. Saurik has put together an excellent safeguard against crashing, and it is something that everyone should know about. Keep up the good work, Saurik!

  10. flood Says:

    hi can you tell us the 4 suggestions to fix that please.

  11. tim Says:

  12. toerst Says:

    very helpfull david :???: , lots of people probably have one of those four programs installed, so you suggest that we all should write a request to saurik??
    His website is unfortunately not saying anything about a safe-guard… anyone with a little more helpfull link that the last one?

  13. Mark Says:

    Hi, after installing Winterboard on my jailbrokent 2.0.1 Ipod touch, every time i reboot/respring i get the error message above and enter safe mode. I am trying to uninstall winterboard, but eversince this issue stated cydia wont run, funny enough winterboard runs (but in safe mode i cant see themes). Any suggestions? HELP!?!

  14. me Says:

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  15. momi Says:

    help! plz how i can go to the normal

  16. Matthew Says:

    Either turn off your iphone in the normal way then turn back on. Or open bossprefs and then tap power and then respring

  17. vinny Says:

    rebboting and respring do nothing for me!!!! plz help

    i was tryng to play ernie golf and it crashed to i restarted iphone and is now ALWAYS in safe mode!!

  18. Tanzeel Says:

    I am unable to get my phone out of safe mode as well. Rebooting doesnt help. any more suggestions?? any patch or something?

  19. Bill Says:

    Also stuck in Safe Mode. Reboots/Resprings don’t help.

    Any suggestions???

  20. Adam Says:

    I just go to winterboard and reinstall my theme and it goes away. It only happened when I installed something from rock

  21. Mike R. Says:

    My iphne whent into safe mode and I tried to rebooting and respringing and have had no luck. I saw you gave David 4 other suggestions to fix his. Can you please help me . Thanks.

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