Sep 19

Atari’s legal team has demanded the removal of 4 AppStore games, BreakClassic, BreakTouch 3D, Super Pong 2 and 3D Vector Pong. Read more inside.

Spiffware, the developer of Super Pong 2 said:

“Some very unfortunate news, I have been asked to remove SuperPong 2 from the App Store at the request of Atari Interactive due to infringements against the pong and breakout copyrights. ”

 The developer of 3D Vector Pong, Gyrocade, solution seems to be renaming 3D Vector Pong to 3D Vector Ball. Though no official response from Atari has yet acknowledged this change as sufficient.

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4 Responses to “Atari demands the removal of some AppStore games!”

  1. chris Says:


    if this happens and i need to redownload my purchases, i wont be able to.

    basically paid for an illegal game etc,

    so, how would i get my money back?

  2. mikado63 Says:

    you can keep your application ipa file on your hard drive in order to don’t redownload it and be blocked.

  3. gsr Says:

    you dont if the game gets removed you will still be able to use it and sync , but im not sure if you would be able 2 get your money back .
    an if they only change the name , u will have to update and everthing will be ok .

  4. tp Says:

    This first started from ‘Tris’ and now companies just want a reason to take it off so they look at it and come up with something much better for the cost.

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