Sep 18

iNap is a appliction available in the App Store. If you commute to work on a bus or a train, you can set your destination and then go to sleep. Rest of the description inside.

Then when you are getting near to arriving to your destination the alarm will go off. So instead of setting your alarm too early if the bus gets stuck in traffic you can continue sleeping! iNap uses the GPS in your iPhone and it will determine where you are. Also this app is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPhone 3G but it works best with the iPhone 3G.

iNap is available for $0.99 or in the UK for £0.59.

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4 Responses to “App Store – iNap”

  1. morpheus Says:

    who in their right minds goes to sleep on a train journey to work ?

  2. Carlos Martins Says:

    Everyone who has to go to work everyday. :roll:

  3. R Says:

    Japanese people sleep on the train all the time, no matter where they’re headed. ;-)

  4. med007 Says:

    i remember talking about this app idea at!!

    glad to see it has come to life.

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