Sep 17

Big Stone Phone released a new application for the iPhone and iPod named “Gesture”. Gesture 1.0 lets create you digital paintings from your photos by dragging your fingers over the photo.

With just a little imagination, you can can make beautiful works of art. Be as rough or tight as you like as Gesture translates your movements into paint strokes using a sampled color from the photo below. Bringing a popular artistic technique from the desktop to the iPhone and iPod Touch, Gesture makes creating stunning works of art a breeze for the artist and non-artist alike.

Gesture has a simple model – you create works of art in your “Studio” and you view your art in your “Gallery”:

Gallery Features:
– View your masterpieces in landscape mode
– Add and delete paintings
– Share and view paintings from other Gesture users online

Studio Features:
– Save your painting to Photos
– Play back your painting like a movie
– Instantly Pointilize your photo
– Zoom in for detail work
– Unlimited undo
– Load any image on the internet

Gesture 1.0 may be purchased from the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

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