Sep 16

iSpazio has the new version of SwirlyMMS that works on 2.0 and 2.1 firmware (as well the iPhone 3G). It’s a beta version and they say that maybe they will have the final in the AppStore. About the app, how to install and screenshots inside.

SwirlyMMS it’s the only application that allows you to send and receive real MMS and it doesn’t use some internet service over WiFi as Flutter or something else.Â

Heres how to install it on your iPhone.

-Download this file: test.list

-SSH the test.list file into your iPhone in this root: “/etc/apt/sources.list.d/”

-Open Cydia and wait for a refresh of Sources.

-Click on the “Changes” tab and there will be SwirlyMMS



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14 Responses to “SwirlyMMS beta for iPhone/3G FW 2.0/2.1”

  1. zdrach Says:

    anyone know where to find the “MMSC:” and “Proxy:” configurations?

  2. Ramrod Says:

    Here is where I found my settings:

  3. Adz Says:

    Have done as above. The source is showing in cydia however there is nothing in the source to download, its empty?! I think they have removed the file ! Can someone give it ago and report back please?

  4. freakshow Says:

    What?!? License Expired!?! I just installed it… or am I just over reacting…

  5. Craig Says:

    They pulled it. I tried installing by hand, but there’s still something missing – maybe the background service. It just keeps telling me to restart my phone, but it doesn’t help. Doesn’t matter, I’ll just wait for the real release, if it ever happens.

  6. juicy Says:

    yes expired , i can’t send any MMS , i suspect thta this version is not yet working.

  7. Ramrod Says:

    It’s been officially released.

  8. Jimbo Says:

    How are you guys setting this up? At&t cannot give me the mmsc and proxy info for my iphone because it’s ‘not set up for mms’. So what do I do now?

  9. 14 Says:

    id like it as well, someone shoudl wrap an app around the fact that u can email pictures and other people will recieve them as mms messages

  10. LEARNERS Says:

    You need to have a MMS plan with at&t first in order for the app to work…For instance I have a family plan and I have a Blackberry purl on the other one and mms plan for everyone in my family..That includes me even though I have iPhone…unlimited text ,mms and video messages.

  11. Brad C. Says:

    I called AT&T and told them I wanted a mms plan. I said that I used the sim card from my iPhone with my RAZR too. They said in order to get mms onto the RAZR, I would lose my iPhone data plan, visual voicmail, and my rates would go up. How do I get around this.

  12. avdp Says:

    Swirly does not show up in Cydia. I have deleted, rebooted and reinstalled the Ste source, still nothing. Pls help!

  13. twizzle Says:

    :mad: I had it today and know it is out of Cydia. The icon is there but it won’t let me install it. Any help out there?

    P.s. I wasn’t able to send any pics when i had it.

  14. illy Says:

    how do i send video as it wont let me???

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