Sep 16

Firmware 2.1 has been released on Friday and solved a lot issues for the iPhone users.
While Apple has provided an official list of new features and fixes (see our previous post ), some users found already some undocumented changes in the latest firmware.

Some of these findings include:

– Pause application installations by tapping on the icon.
– Triple clicking on the headset button goes to the previous track
– Podcasts listings indicate partially listened to items.
– iPod song listings show artist and album name
– Improved compatibility with certain bluetooth headsets.
– While a song is playing, tapping the screen briefly will display the lyrics
– Apps space in use listed in iTunes

“Push” notifications is the only feature (that was originally promised with the firmware release 2.1) that was not released. Apple has not yet communicated when it would be reintroduced.

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22 Responses to “iPhone 2.1: Additional features”

  1. Knowlton Says:

    I am pretty sure the lyrics function was added before 2.0 was released . It only shows them if you have the lyrics with the songs in iTunes.

  2. sebax Says:

    …- While a song is playing, tapping the screen briefly will display the lyrics…

    this feature already exist since 1.1.4….

    the other minor changes are nice too.

  3. Jimbo Says:

    I cannot get mine to display the lyrics.. Just tap the screen? The album flips over on mine – when I tap it.

  4. PCKid Says:

    You need to get the lyrics first. Just google lyrics for songs websites. There are many. Then copy and paste them into the lyrics section of a song using Get info. That is Control click on the song then select Get Info and tab to Lyrics. Works well.

  5. PCKid Says:

    Also notice that if you are playing a song and quit to lock screen the song art and info are now on the lock screen. I’ve never noticed that before. Maybe it’s always been there.

  6. Y3k-Bug Says:

    Tap it once, tapping it twice causes it to show the album listing.

  7. BC Says:

    I have had 100 more times dropped calls with 2.1 than I had before! The “increased signal strength” is a complete lie! Sure it shows that you get better service, but in every instance I have tested this my calls get dropped. At work I used to have zero bars, now I have 3 bars in 3G; yet my calls still get dropped 100% of the time.

  8. andy Says:

    I tried to pawnage 2.1 and ts telling me I have the wrong bootloader did anybody had that problem? If anyone knows how to fix this please email me

  9. Jimbo Says:

    I tried that and still nothing. When I tap it once, it drops the small bar that displays the song length only. Where exactly do you press the screen once?

  10. FalseReality Says:

    You gotta have lyrics on the song in the first place. In the “Get Info” screen, there’s a lyrics tab, use that to add lyrics. You gotta do it manually, but there’s a plugin that does it automatically.

  11. Brad C. Says:

    Displaying lyrics is nothing new. In iTunes if you right click on a song and click on “get info.” You are able to add your own lyrics. These lyrics are the imported onto your iPhone. When you touch the album artwork these are the lyrics it pulls up. If you did not add any lyrics, then it pulls up nothing. This is not like other apps where it pulls lyrics off the internet.

  12. Wesley Says:

    “Pause application installations by tapping on the icon”, I didn’t notice that.

    What I see is that it takes a long time for the app to leave the “Installing” state, even after upgrading.

  13. Jimbo Says:

    Got it now, thx.

  14. George Says:

    What’s the plugin

  15. changelist Says:

    all these changes works fine for me. Except the applications bar in iTunes. Maybe it’s only for iPod Touch? Btw the apps for iPod Touch are named as .ipo instead off .ipa. .ipa are now only for iPhone.

  16. itech0ps Says:

    1st: open itunes
    2nd: right click on your .mp3 or music video to show the pop-up menu
    3rd: click “get info” (it’s normally on the top)
    4th: click “lyrics” tab
    5th: copy lyrics from google or yahoo and paste it on the space provided for the lyrics
    6th: click OK
    7th: sync it to your iphone/iTouch

    Added info: videos of your favorite music downloaded from youtube can be change to music videos that is recognized by your iphone as music videos. just select “music video” in “video kind” drop down selection under Videos tab. then click OK.

  17. cihan Says:

    It was always there (since 1.1.4).

  18. Marwan Says:

    i think itunes 8? :idea:

  19. edgaras Says:

    lol :Dd u must have itunes 8 :D

  20. redbaba Says:

    actually, that has been there since 1.0.2

  21. wally Says:

    can you unlock when u upgrade to 2.1

  22. Chris Says:


    Yes, I’m running 2.1 2G unlocked/jailbroken… no problems at all.

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