Sep 15

i-FunBox is after iPhone PC Suite, iXfer and iPhone Manager the 4th file manager tool for the iPhone. i-Funbox can be used to up & download music or movie files, manage wallpapers, external hard disk or file manager where you can get access to the complete file system of the iPhone.

The features:

iPhone File Manager
– Navigation, Upload and Download
– Quick Preview, Drag&Drop
– Delete, Rename and Move
– Asian / Long Filename Support

iPhone Portable Disk
– Realtime Progress Indicator
– High Speed Data Transmission
– Scheduled Data Transferring
– Recursive Copy Subfolders

Managing iPod Music & Movie
– iTunes© Managed Media Files
– Upload Songs and Movie
– Sort and Selection
– Copy to PC with Friendly Title

Upload Wallpaper in Batch
– Wallpapers in iPhone
– Batch Uploading and Conversion
– Change Image Resolution
– High Quality Image Resizing

i-FunxBox works with iPhone V2, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch in Firmware 1.x and 2.x even without Jailbreak and is only compatible with Windows XP/Vista (32/64 bit)

More info and free download: i-FunBox

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8 Responses to “i-FunBox: File browser for windows users”

  1. iCarl Says:

    well i tried it and once you put or drag a song to add it on the iphone itunes won’t recognize the iphone anymore and will ask you to restore it to factory state so sync and backup before using this software it’s still in beta i think

  2. Drinkin_me_juice Says:

    At last an english easy to use program to use instead of itunes, looks great and works fine, options are limited, but i hope they will do more with it because it works very smooth and quick

  3. hype Says:

    I transferd songs to my iphone… so… NOW I have to restore everythink, Ipod doesn´t start, and Itunes say i have to restore. :evil:

  4. Grim Santo Says:

    I just used it and it messed up the music on my phone. iTunes can’t even read the phone anymore.

  5. brandon Says:

    It did the same thing to me. I had to restore.

  6. Grim Santo Says:

    at least I am not the only one.. Stay away people!

  7. Nikolay Georgieff Says:

    I have same problem ot 2.1. After i upload a song itunes won’t recognize the iphone anymore.

  8. Jd Says:

    How do you put apps on it using this tool?

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