Sep 14

PhoneSaber, the app that displays an image of a lightsaber and uses the accelerometer so you can have battles with sound effects, was pulled from the App Store. But, it will now be returning to the App Store soon, with a new name and official backing.

PhoneSabers new name will be Lightsaber Unleashed, the app developed by TheMacBox will be redesigned to fit in with the new game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The game will have new characters, better graphics, sound effects and more.

Optional dueling music is also included. Lightsaber Unleashed is being rereleased with the guidance of THQ and Lucas Arts. Also when Lightsaber Unleashed is released it will be free!

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3 Responses to “PhoneSaber returning to the App Store”

  1. swillard8 Says:

    i think thats so good a big company using it and not just making them pull it from the store.

  2. Marwan Says:

    cool :cool:

  3. chris Says:

    when is it going on the uk appstore?

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