Sep 13

Just merely after i posted the update from the iPhone Dev-Team regarding a upcoming Pwnagetool 2.1 and QuickPwn 1.1 release, they have released it. Unfortunately for now they’ve only released a Mac version of QuickPwn1.1 and Pwnagetool 2.1. Another big change compared to previous releases is that the team released their both tools via BitTorrent instead of direct download links (updated with mirrors)! check the full post after the break. Ps: thanks iPhone-Dev team!!

tSome of the popular press and blogs have been backing the opposition. :-)

While criticism and competition is fine it should be reported correctly with all the facts and certainly minus the FUD. Do you guys think we are “less and less relevant with each passing day” ? We don’t think so, and we certainly prefer our hacks to theirs. ;-)

By the way we figured out a way to combat iTunes 8 without patches…and we’re waiting to see what Apple tries next.  But we think they might want to rethink their priorities.

These are the new versions of PwnageTool and QuickPwn that support the 2.1 firmware. Â And as we just mentioned, iTunes was not harmed in the process ;-) no patching was required.

SHA1 Sums:-

  • PwnageTool_2.1.dmg = 0b2dcb51e224b12590793e8a758dd80c450e5b64
  • QuickPwn_1.1.dmg = 92487230c66296ec1e414260b5f107e5d351923f

We’ve released using BitTorrent to lighten the load of the initial downloads, then we’ll add a direct link and Sparkle update when we can. If you don’t know how to use BitTorrent, then hold off for a while.

This does not address the new iPod Touch 2G device released this week.  Partly because none of us even have one yet :)


Direct download links




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27 Responses to “PwnageTool and QuickPwn for 2.1 Firmware (MAC ONLY)”

  1. DG Says:

    I will be getting the 3G iPhone on tuesday, it will be the official PayNGo on o2, so will be officially activated.

    What i would like to know, is for me to have cydia and installer on the phone, which programs would I need?

    I have had a few 2G iPhones and have always used iLiberty+, as I like MMS I have not ventured into the v2 firmware as of yet, thus never used winpwn, pwnage or other variants that do v2.

    Please help

  2. iFoneGooner Says:

    Fantastic and awesome. THANKS to everyone at the dev team, you are the greatest :razz:

  3. seanbperiod Says:

    Can someone please tell me if quickpwn can also unlock? It’s annoying to keep redoing all my apps, settings, and backing up and restoring everytime there is a new firmware update. i’ve tried asking the devteam, but they won’t post my question… is there anyway to update the firmware and unlock it without completely restoring the phone?

  4. George Says:

    come on winpwn!! or quickpwn for windows

  5. Lars Says:

    You guys are really the greatest many many thanks for doing this.

    Greets L

  6. emma Says:

    Hi all.
    I have two firmware coustomize for users in windows. i am testing now
    link 3G
    link 2G

    Only Restore

  7. emma Says:

    Hi all I have two firmware coustomize

    I am testing now =D

  8. emma Says:

    sorry two post i am lol

  9. morpheus Says:

    welcome to the wonderful world on uncertainty !
    you too will soon be a ninja master !
    if yu have a pc use winpwn, it will jailbreak your iphone, cydia and installer will be auto installed where you can download.

    hope this brief helps

  10. iFoneGooner Says:

    DG – use the latest version of pwnage (your new phone will probably need up-dating to 2.1 from 2.02 through iTunes activation first) from the Dev Team. On my old 2G I used the excellent iLibertyX but would now not use anything other than pwnage!

    I use MAC, so if you are on Windows, you may have to wait for the winpwn (I think!). :razz:

  11. iFoneGooner Says:

    Emma, that is the weirdest post I have ever read :shock:

  12. Drinkin_me_juice Says:

    Can someone hook us up with a 2g unlocked activated and jailbroken custom 2.1? that would be fanstastic :sad:

  13. morpheus Says:

    what on earth are you talking about emma ? :shock:

  14. emma Says:

    I test the coustomize formware 2.1 and found, but my posts was deleted ; (

  15. Craig Says:

    Do you want cydia installed?

  16. Craig Says:

    Sorry, i thought of a couple more things afterwards:
    Is you phone already unlocked on 2.0.x?
    Do you want Cydia?
    Do you want the Installer beta?
    Do you want original logos or stupid ones?

  17. Richie Says:

    I used a custom ipsw somebody created with the new pwnagetool on my windows xp. All i did was upgrade itunes to 8 shift restore with the ipsw while the iphone is on the home screen no dfu mode etc then let it restore an now i have no problems with it

  18. nickc Says:

    has anyone else struggled with customize on jailbroken firmware 2.1? Each time I go to browse file sets it informs me that customize can’t find the required files to run offline and that I should run customiZe online to get them, even though I always run on wifi…can anyone help??

  19. Dxtra Says:

    After I JB my FW 2.1 3g iphone I notice a huge diference . Now it lags , it’s sluggish and apps takes longer to open. This might be why a lot people are having problems with there iPhone . I’m restoring for good. Note , there’s three 3g iPhone in my house and they all got the same behavior after I JailBroke them. The Devs team needs to look in to this

  20. andy Says:

    i tried pawnage 2.1 and its telling me bootloader is wrong can anybody help me

  21. miket21 Says:

    here is my situation:
    I have 2 iPhones, on 1gen one 3g. I updated my 3g to 2.1 and the quickpwnd it, worked great. The 1gen is my wifes phone, it was FW2.0 unlocked via pwnage. After doing the quickpwn I decided to update my wifes phone and figures I would unlock it again using pwnage. So I upgrade to 2.1, then do all the steps of pwnage, phone gets stuck in recovery so I then restore… Big mistake, phone is no longer activated. That’s ok because I can activate via pwnage right… iTunes 8.0 says no, error 1600.

    So after a couple hours I give up to go to bed. My questions are: does quickpwn activate & unlock? And I am not against using pwnage tool it just doesn’t seem to be working with my newly inactivated iPhone.

    The reason I want it unlocked is to avoid the $20 montly fee, my wife stays at home with our son and we have wifi so that would just be a waste of $20. It worked great after I upgraded to my 3g, but now since I decided to be all cool and slick and try to be fancy I’ve now shut her out of an iPhone.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  22. Multinova Says:


    The easies is to go to and get the activated + unlocked 2.1 firmware there and then just restore that firmware in iTunes 8.
    Works like a charm :)

  23. Multinova Says:

    Check they are already there :lol:

  24. Gomba Says:

    When I build a custom firmware the iPhone 2G, the pwnagetool say:

    the booloader is wrong

    I downloaded many sites, but not work.
    Any idea ?

  25. miket21 Says:

    Here is what worked from a bricked iPhone 2.1 2g. I just used quickpwn. That’s it. Made sure I restored it via iTunes first, it brought me to the set up screen on iTunes. I closed iTunes, let the phone stay on the emergancy call screen, let quickpwn do it’s thing. Put it into DFU mode, and let quickpwn finish. Now I have my wifes 2g 2.1 iPhone unlocked!

  26. A3sthetix Says:

    Just use QuickPwn to jailbreak the 2G. I’ve had way too many problems with Pwnage Tool and jailbreaking the 2G. You have to:
    1. Restore using the Apple 2.1 firmware
    2. QuickPwn to jailbreak, activate and so on
    3. Then you can use a PwnageTool firmware… but I don’t see the need.

  27. CJ Says:

    can you call me at 253.255.2024

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