Sep 13

Our friends from the iPhone-Dev team updated their blog with some information regarding the firmware 2.1. The article mainly discusses that a lot of fake sites are trying to get money (donations) for all the work that the iPhone-Dev team does, but on the end of the article they have 1 very important line: but be prepared for some stuff from us today that is cool. They are probably talking about a updated QuickPwn version that is compatible with firmware 2.1 and most probably a hack for iTunes 8 so it will accept pwned firmwares again. Hit the break to read the full article.

We would just like to point out that that there are lots of fake sites using the QuickPwn name, these muppets don’t know anything special, and they don’t have anything unique. They are vultures that sit on the domain names and plagiarize content and information in the hope that you donate to them, or click the google ads.

As we’ve mentioned before we don’t accept donations and we certainly don’t allow ads on our site, anyone who asks for donations in our name is lying, end of story.

So we would recommend that you stay away from badly designed chaotic sites (especially ones of a monochrome variety) that capitalize on the name of our tools.

Spammers should also watch out (even if they are part of the extended iPhone community). Like any decent blog we do not moderate our comments, we let the criticism flow alongside the praise but we certainly do filter on spamwords and then decide if they get posted. Play nice people, spamming just isn’t cool.

Now of course all that stuff isn’t cool, but be prepared for some stuff from us today that is cool.

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7 Responses to “iPhone Dev-Team update on firmware 2.1”

  1. iFoneGooner Says:

    Here we go, pwnage has been up-dated to deal with 2.1 – whoopeeee

  2. me Says:

    ok. quickpwn has been released… so what should i do now since i have already pwned my 2.1 using bigboss guide? please help..

  3. davep Says:

    Its out , anyone got a Custom IPSW then can share for the 1st GEN Iphone so I can just restore and get 2.1 till Winpwn gets release soon I hope since I dont have a MAC

    Thanks all

  4. zac Says:

    wow… successfull… i pwn already my iphone3g.

    no problem…. thanks a lot


  5. zac Says:

    why i can’t see my installed cracked soft in my iphone3g using transmit (openssh) and also mobileinstallation is not working anymore.

    hope to fix soon

    yehey… i pwn my iphone3g 2.1!!!!

  6. Mikhail Says:

    Using the guide from bigboss you need to update your phone and make sure it’s activated. I don’t have the original SIM card that it was activated with. If I go through iTunes 8 and update to 2.1 – will it be automatically activated or it would be asking me to activate which I can’t do with my current sim? Is there any solution to get my 3g phone updated, activated and jailbroken at the same time without leaving the activation part to the user?

  7. lionel Says:

    Help Needed (URGENTLY)
    I have upgrade my 2g iphone from 1.1.1 to 2.1 version using QuickPwn & Pwnage Tool to jailbreak firmware 2.1. It works successfully. But my WIFI icon does not activate and it state “No Wifi”. Can any buddies out there help to solve this problem i m facing.

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