Sep 11

Recently, we did a post over the issues concerning the Blue Screen of Death when using iTunes 8 on a Vista machine. Well, a workaround has been discovered by someone on the Apple Discussions Forum over on Apple’s website. This process may or may not work for you, but there’s another method inside you can try if it fails.

marinsgt says:

“I was able to stop the BSOD’s from happening on my Vista 32 bit desktop and keep itunes 8. If you have a machine running the latest version of iTunes 7 (on Vista), just copy the usbaapl.sys from system32\drivers to the same location on your desktop. You may have/want to rename the current uasaapl.sys on your machine first. But after I did that I was able to reinstall iTunes 8 and synchronize my iPhone without any BSOD’s.”

Also, there’s another method that some users have reported working:

Disconnect your device
 In Vista Programs and Features, uninstall the Apple Mobile Device Support
Restart your computer
Download the iTunes 7.7 Installer.
Open the installation .exe in WinRAR or WinZip, and reinstall only the AppleMobileDeviceSupport.MSI
Restart your computer, and when it starts up, reconnect your device.

Hope these worked for anyone having this problem. Leave your feedback if it helped or if you’re having problems.

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4 Responses to “Workaround for iTunes 8/Vista problems”

  1. haha Says:

    I dont have problem with itunes 8 on vista :shock:

  2. blackandwhite Says:

    this hasn’t happened to me yet mainly because im a little afraid to connect my ipod now but if it does go to the BSOD how do i get my computer back after that happens

  3. Simon Brewer Says:

    I had the BSOD, the PC just reboots. Its such a pain as I am now unable to Sync at all. I tried a system restore but it wouldnt load the library so Im stuffed until the fix is produced although will try the 7.7 installer fix mentioned above tonight.
    Im astonished Apple havent properly tested this before release – its called Release Management Apple – ITIL anyone??? :idea:

  4. Braden Says:

    Did you get it to work?

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