Sep 11

A recent interview with Steve Jobs conducted by CNBC covers Jobs’ views on the recent “Let’s Rock” event, along with many other questions that people have been asking concerning bugs in the iPhone firmware and Steve’s health conditions.

The interviewer even asks about recent headlines about Apple, such as the application kill switch that is present on the iPhone, along with its overall performance concerning the current bugs in the iPhone’s software. Steve Jobs answers by saying “We strive for perfection, and sometimes we achieve it, and sometimes we don’t.” Steve then goes on to talk more about the 2.1 update, saying that a percent of customers were having problems with the iPhone, and he hopes that this “big” iPhone update will take care of those customers concerned with the bugs present in the iPhone firmware currently. He said no other word of what else the update might contain, but we can hope that it contains a little more than “bug fixes”.

You can read the full article and watch the video interview here. It’s a very interesting interview that does explain a lot about what people all over the internet have been wondering.

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2 Responses to “CNBC Video Interview with Steve Jobs”

  1. maury Says:

    i have question you thing you cant jailbreak tha new ipodtouch 2g

  2. Braden Says:

    Well they come with 2.1 preloaded onto them, and the Dev-Team hasn’t said anything about whether they have jailbroken it yet. So you can’t jailbreak it now, but it will be jailbreakable eventually.

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