Sep 10

Illusionlabs announced their upcoming skateboard game called Touchgrind.
According to the developers, Touchgrind is “the world’s first true multi-touch game” for the iphone.

The game is all about using the two finger gesture to control the skateboard. The player can ride freely in a skatepark and ferforms tricks on ramps, boxes and rails. The high quality physics engine gives a high degree of freedom to come up with their own tricks.
Illusionlabs also promises an online level editor that allows users to create and publish their own skateparks.

Touchgrind is expected to arrive in the App Store in October. A price is not yet communicated.
Below the teaser video that has been provided by the developer:

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4 Responses to “App Store – Touchgrind”

  1. iJunboy Says:

    :grin:WOW!! great app!!I

  2. gsr Says:

    cool but how do u know were ur going

  3. George Says:

    i think its totally flat land

  4. amir Says:

    i think its flat land aswell because how the hell are you supposed to know where your going? unless they put a little map on the side i dont know how thely do it.

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