Sep 09

Need for speed for the iPhone and iPod touch has been announced some time ago. But today at the Apple let’s rock keynote we saw the first screens of the game in action. Overall the graphics look very good and this will probably be one of the top-sellers later this year. Not very much information is available just yet, but here are some screenshots.
The game will be released later this year in november. We’ll keep you up to date.

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8 Responses to “App Store – Need for Speed Undercover”

  1. gsr Says:

    holy S :arrow: HIT

  2. emma Says:

    i think the iphone have a next level in graphics, the need for speed and kroll are excellent games in the new level. It’s increidble how our iphone’s have power with the mac OS X, this SO is the best SO in the world, use max our hadware.
    Sorry for my english

  3. tp Says:

    OS you mean? lol MACOSX is not the best. Window is because you can mod anything.

  4. emma Says:

    i know windows is easy mod, but Mac is different in how use hadware? I know windows have much things, but in performance I think mac is best I dont know why you need ask Steve =P

  5. puredudes Says:

    Also i use windows and i like it but it seems mac is more stable cuz i hear more about vista maybe more people have it but i don’t rly hear about the macs.

  6. ajju Says:

    how can i download where is the link plz help me :sad:

  7. kam Says:

    this is up for debate. you cant just say “windows is better” because you can mod anything.

    if you know waht you are doing you can mod anything on OSX aswell. OSX is more stable and a little bit more secure since it is based on UNIX.

    I think you will find that, depending on what you are doing, OSX is alot better. (ie video, music and audio production)

  8. norbi Says:

    I want to download it!!!!!

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