Sep 04

Kate has been available for some time now on firmware 2.0+. Although it was still a beta version. Today Rip-Dev released Kate 2.0. No longer a beta version. Kate 2.0 fixes a all the bugs that where present in the previous version and it also solves the issues with Winterboard.

Kate can be found in Installer on the feature screen or in the search screen.
For all of you who bought a license for the old kate. This license is still working on the new firmware.
If you have switched from a iPhone to a iPhone 3G you can transfer your license by sending the rip-dev team a mail.
Rip-Dev site

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6 Responses to “Installer – Kate 2.0 released”

  1. Ada Says:

    not much is changing in installer these days. Cydia keeps getting further and further ahead. Any new repos we should know about? It seems most of the apps are being released on cydia now.

  2. mack Says:

    Kate sucks and so does RipDev. I thought Kate was cool at first and very efficient, but quickly discovered that it is a terrible company made by a bunch of money-hungry, ignorant, selfish Russian developers. Saurik’s winterboard and cydia are the way to go.

  3. Marwan Says:

    whats kate :???: :???: :oops:

  4. joe Says:

    phone dialer would crash, “Talk” txt on button missing, and lost ability to ssh from my computer to phone.
    Removing Kate fixed all of these issues instantly.

  5. Kate Updated For 2.0 Software at Says:

    […] the unofficial set of customization and productivity tools for jailbroken iPhones, has been updated to […]

  6. George Says:

    same problem here. thanks for the heads up i’ll try removing it!

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