Sep 03

iLounge claims to have the demensions of the new iPod nano and iPod touch. They do somewhat match some descriptions we have been seeing. Keep reading to see the leaked demensions and a brief description.

The new iPod nano is measured at 90.75mm tall, by 38.75mm wide, by 6.08mm deep, meaning that this will be the thinnest and narrowest iPod nano yet. The new nano seems to have a curved design but not as much as you might think.

The second generation iPod touch is shown to have a more iPhone-tapered-back design. It is just barely taller and slightly thicker, which might contribute to a greater battery. It also appears to have an antenna enclosure on its top left, and volume controls on the right, which all agrees with what we have heard from Kevin Rose about a slight cosmectic changes, and from iDealsChina which said that the iPod touch would have GPS (although i see no reason why it needs it).

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6 Responses to “New iPod nano and iPod touch demensions revealed?”

  1. Atyopsis Says:

    hahaha, if the iphone dose have gps, it would mean they will release some sort of new “map” to the iphone/tuouch beacuse the ipod touch dose not have mobile nett, and therfore it can not load google maps when you use the gps.

  2. Pyri Says:

    Actually it can load the GPS without the EDGE/3G/WiFi connection. I tried it. :3 I think it’s because the map is linked to GPS now. Try it by being on the phone, then accessing the maps without being on WiFi, as you can’t access the net while on a call with EDGE/3G. :3

  3. John Says:

    hopefully the price of the 1st gen ipod touches drops. all those people who got them with their macs are selling them for 20-30 below buying them yourself. im waiting for some true savings on a nice 1st gen 8 or 16 gig touch to add to my collection.

  4. Atyopsis Says:

    you are using GPRS/EDGE/3G when wifi is off, try using maps with no simcard or wifi ;)

  5. brandon15 Says:

    gonna be good , i am gonna buy that wen it cums out

    i recon 200 and 50 pounds and it will prob have a speaker so people can listen 2 music aloud and a camera too i recon
    we will have 2 wait and see

  6. Craig Says:

    I doubt it will have gps, as you would have to load up your maps before leaving a wifi area, or Apple would have to come up with a way to load the maps for a specific region onto it, which I doubt they will do as the touch is not exactly their first priority. Also, it would jack up the price and the sales would probably get canibalised by the cheaper iPhone.

    I guess a speaker and camera are possible, but I reckon these components might be a bit thick to fit into an iPod Touch (current), and Apple generally tries to decrease the thickness of their iPods. A camera seems doubtful also because of the added cost. A speaker would make sense, as it would make the touch as good a music player as the iphone (same goes for volume buttons).

    Finally, I think we will see the end of the 8GB touch and the 16GB touch will drop to a price somewhere around the 16GB iPhone and the current 8GB touch (£169 – £199 or $299), maybe $50/£30 more. So yeah, lower price, slightly different design, death of 8gb touch.

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