Sep 03

One of the applications that showed up high in the list of apps to be ported to 2.0 is categories. Well today i have good news. Bigboss released Categories 2.00b via Cydia. For the people who don’t know what Categories is, i’ll explain briefly.

Categories allows you to make separate folders in which you can drop your applications. For ex. If you wish that all your Games are no longer spread over your iPhone springboard then you could open up categories and create a new folder called games and drop all the games in that folder. This way you have less pages to scroll to and you have all likewise app’s grouped in 1 category.

To install fire up cydia and search for categories. Install it and enjoy your less filed springboard.

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13 Responses to “Cydia – Categories beta released”

  1. iJunboy Says:

    :mrgreen: I installed it via SSH and it worx..

  2. Atyopsis Says:

    saw this earlier today, works like a charm, manu new features, but i think it is a bit slow to start apps :/ (for now)

  3. g0c Says:

    nah. it’s cool … but i’ll stick to one screen one categorie … so i’m at 5 :-)

  4. Brandon Says:

    it’s a great app still sluggish when launching apps though. I’ll wait till the new ones
    comes out.

  5. jazir Says:

    does this solve the springboard regeneration issue? if you put all the apps into categories, your phone wont die when respringing right

  6. Braden Says:

    That might be true. But BigBoss said it would be a very bad idea to put all of your apps into categories, because the springboard doesn’t like being “empty”. So it wouldn’t be advisable.

  7. Wayne Says:

    I upgraded my iphone to 2.2.1 and forgot to unpack my categories before upgrading. When I went to jail break again, cydia, installer, camera and several other apps are gone. Is there a way to access these apps? Or am I screwed?

  8. Jeff Says:

    I’m in the same boat as you… Any update on this?

  9. nick Says:

    ok so i having the same problem, i installed categories, sorted the apps in the folders. didn’t like it after a while so i went into cydia and deleted it….but i cant see any of the apps that i had sorfted into the folders! help! it says on itunes that the apps are there but i cant see them at all! what do i need to do to fix this?

  10. Camel Says:

    Maybe its too late to tell you.. here it goes..:

    Install BOSSPREFFS
    Go to the hide icons Button
    And there you will find all your apps.. just switch them all to ON.

    P.D: My englsh sucks.. I know.

  11. Rop Says:

    Note: If you put an ampersand in the name of the category (i.e. “News & Reference”), the category will not show up.

  12. Blue Says:

    Reinstall categories, go to it, and delete the folders, if the apps still don’t show up, maybe you have them “hidden” so if u use SBsettings, use that to make them visible.

  13. Girly Says:

    I installed Categories from Cydia. It says it completed, but when i could’nt find it anywhere after installing it.

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