Aug 28

Oosah, a rather new service has enabled their digital media hub storage service for the iPhone. Now you can have 1TB of media data available on-the-go. Manage music and photos remotely,Manage all your sites from 1 place (Oosah, Facebook, flick, picasa, youtube).

Oosah on your desktop requires flash. To access the service on your iPhone go to the site

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5 Responses to “Oosah – 1terabyte storage for on the go !”

  1. jashsayani Says:

    Nice. But haven’t heard of the site. Is it safe to give out the Facebook/YouTube passwords and store Documents on their server..?

  2. jazir Says:

    can u stream stuff or is this strictly “managing”

  3. RvdP Says:

    Yes you can stream music

  4. jazir Says:

    koo thx

  5. LEGZ Says:

    Looks good!

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