Aug 26

So Zac White, the designer of OpenClip, has updated OpenClip’s site saying that the 2.1 firmware will break the current OpenClip method. OpenClip was an open source alternative to Copy and Paste on the iPhone between applications. Although there are some other options to make OpenClip work, they’re not as good as the first method, but still not that bad.

Zac said this on OpenClip’s website:

“Yes, it’s true. I mentioned before that this was definitely a possibility, but I don’t believe it is an inevitability. But anyway, lets define breaking:Â

Apps that use OpenClip will no longer be able to copy and paste between applications. However, applications can still utilize a persistent way to store data inside the application, meaning that copy and paste within the app will still work fine. And on top of that, apps that utilize only one form (either copy or paste) can disable interface elements when Apple axes OpenClip.Â

However, even though apple is killing the concept behind the current OpenClip, that doesn’t mean we can’t change the concept. A shared clipboard could be stored in an Address Book card or even on a remote server. Those solutions aren’t as good as the OpenClip implementation, but they aren’t bad.”

He goes on to say that the weird Address Book card would probably get synced back to your computer, and the remote server would be impossible for Apple to shut down, but would not be easy. So although the current OpenClip method will not work, there are other methods that aren’t as good, but would still work great.

You can visit OpenClip’s website here.

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2 Responses to “2.1 firmware breaks OpenClip frameworks”

  1. Pyri Says:

    This is because Apple doesn’t want to be shown up by some “amateurs,” wanna bet me? Plus, you know that they’ll copy this and Apple-ize it for a forthcoming FW update. lol

  2. Learners Says:

    Why you telling the whole world what you can do….Do it and let us know when it is ready…It’s like telling your enemy what kind of strategy are going to use in a battle and they prepare themselves…I think updates are fine ,but please do not spilll the juice….we need it!!!!

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