Aug 24

Rip-Dev has once again update installer to version 4.0b6. This update fixes many bugs and also seems to make Installer work a bit faster. read on for all the new features.


  • Search. It searches among packages from the repositories you have added, and, if you let it sit for 5 seconds, will query our server and return packages that are available from repositories you don’t have added (that we know about) with an option to automatically add and install. Repository owners, upgrade to the latest version of the repo code (below) to have your repository added to the search engine.
  • Uninstall now works correctly.
  • Fixed a lot of locking issues especially with custom HTML info pages.
  • Updated the Categories and Tasks icons so they are less ugly.
  • Fixed a bug with multiple copies of Installer appearing in Installed Packages under some circumstances.
  • Installer will now correctly check and prompt for an update of itself.
To update just go into Installer and let it refresh the sources and go under updated apps.

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9 Responses to “Installer 4.0b6 released”

  1. hhrocha Says:

    tkz for the news hehe i go update

  2. Jimbo Says:

    Yea, the update is good. Less buggy and smoother.

  3. traviest Says:

    totally agree. Definitely a good update.

  4. Asa Says:

    YES! Thank you ripdev!

  5. jazir Says:

    now maybe all the dumbass cydia lovers will stop bitching :roll:

  6. joe Says:

    mine is still the same

  7. D4rKiTo Says:

    Nyaaa! xDD Now it runs better! :D

  8. asa Says:

    I still wouldn’t put it in the same league as Cydia ;-) Ray is one of the top programmers in the iphone scene..just keep watching what he puts out for free. it seems to me that they are going both their own way which is good…but Installer noted for Cracked apps and Cydia known for non cracked..

  9. iFoneGooner Says:

    Nothing dumbass about me old chap, Installer is still lagging way behind Cydia :shock:

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