Aug 21

The iPhone-Dev Team updated their blog with a new blog-post. They announced a new version of QuickPwn that supports firmware 2.0.2. One big difference is that the tool now has the GUI (graphical user interface) wrapped by default. How does it work? Hit the read more link for more information.

1) Upgrade your iPhone (not restore) to the latest firmware version 2.0.2.
2) Connect the iPhone and start the QuickPwn App.
3) Folllow the on-screen instructions and your device will be re-jailbroken on firmware 2.0.2

Please keep in mind that if you upgrade your unlocked 2G iPhone from 2.0 or 2.0.1 with iTunes that the unlock still remains in place.

Also do not forget that QuickPwn does not yet makes a iPhone 3G unlockable !

Download QuickPwn
Iphone Dev-Team blog

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13 Responses to “New QuickPwn now supports firmware 2.0.2”

  1. g0c Says:

    “Please keep in mind that if you upgrade your unlocked 2G iPhone from 2.0 or 2.0.1 with iTunes that the unlock still remains in place.”

    can someone iClarifie this ? :twisted: thanks.

  2. Rick Says:

    if i already use a custom firmware to unlock my 2g phone, i can upgrade to 2.0.2 using itunes and my phone remains unlock? so i can use quickpwn just to jailbreak? thanks

  3. Y3k-Bug Says:

    Wish I could figure out why iTunes only sees 2.0.1 as the latest version. Any know how I can fix this?

  4. tony Says:

    You must upgarde itunes if it does not ask you to upgrade to 2.0.2

  5. Stefan Says:

    yes thats right. the unlock remains!!

  6. f2studio Says:

    only unlock remains? or jailbreak and activation also ?

  7. asa Says:

    If you upgrade to 2.02 why do you need to install cydia and installer again? Can we upgrade firmware without loosing everything like a restore?

  8. g0c Says:

    tried twice on 1st gen iphone, unlocked, jailbreaken, activated with fresh pwnage of 2.0.1 with no aditional installations, i stucks on reboot with apple logo, SWOD and doulble vibration ever 15 or so seconds …. this sux, good job for those who made it, in between itunes showed correct version 2.0.2 after upgrade but quickpwn did not work as expected. restored to 2.0.1 with custom ipsw

    anyways. be careful

  9. Y3k-Bug Says:

    Can’t get winpwn to work at all. Once I put the phone in DFU mode (all black screen, blank), the DOS screen just dies after the 30 countdown.

    Any ideas?

  10. daze Says:

    I am runing windows vista but when i try to run the application I get an error. Can someone help me

  11. lusobrasil Says:

    Hello to all
    then I made the process, everything went well, minus the youtube does not work, even to do what we say above, and itunes does not recognize the iphone, someone could say what should I do?
    I await your help.


  12. DarkAngel Says:

    worked just fine im using 2.0.2 now working like charm cheeers

  13. Carlos Says:

    can work on ipod touch 2g?

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