Aug 21

if any of you are like me, you are frustrated with the way the AppStore apps backup works. Sure if you play a game of super monkey ball and beat level one, you can sync with iTunes and backup that app so that every time you install it on your iPhone it shows youve beaten world one. Well what if someone bad happens and you have to restore your iPhone? that backup wont work anymore (for most people). read on for more benefits and see how it works.

Okay so imagine this. You are on vacation, your sitting on the balcony of your hotel room on the 13th floor on your own little Hawaiian island. You WERE working inside of mobilefinder on your iPhone about one hour ago and you go back to your iPhone, click on MobileFinder, and the thing crashes. Your MobileFinder app is busted. so you download it from the AppStore again only to find that you cant browse through all of your files like you could before because this is a brand new app and you have to mod mobilefinder to be able to access everything on your iPhone. then you remember “hey i backed up MobileFinder yesterday before i left!” and so you restore back to the old way it was and your good as new!

basically it has very many more advantages over backing up with iTunes. So this one is a suggested app.


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9 Responses to “Installer: AppBackup”

  1. jazir Says:

    can you explain how this works exactly and where the backups are stored, and also if this can be used directly after a restore etc. im a lil foggy on how exactly this works, and im USUALLY quick to pick up exactly how these work. is it basically like timecapsule for appstore apps?

  2. serg Says:

    yes it like timpecapusle

  3. jazir Says:

    and teh directory in which backups are stored is (drumroll please)

  4. Y3k-Bug Says:

    Does this backup Cydia/Installer apps as well?

  5. Messed Up Says:

    Hmm, it has just killed my iPhone. It won’t boot anymore after installing this using Cydia. Running firmware 2.0.2. :/
    Can’t even restore it on this Mac.

  6. App Store-applicaties backuppen met AppBackup (Cydia) > Nieuws > Says:

    […] Meer info: AppBackup Via: […]

  7. galadriann Says:


    I installed it on 2.0.2 and works fine … until I try to do a second backup of the same apps.. anyone … it just freezes … it does go back to the springboard if asked … and it does backup nicely if none have been made … but if one exists… it just freezes… anyone has a solution ?

  8. blatz Says:

    i found someting that could be the backupdata

    browse with ssh to:

    there are some tar.gz files inside

    i´ll try to test those files when i made an update/restore to 2.0.2

  9. freakin_prince Says:

    did the above worked? with you restoring those tarball files? or at least the whole folder?


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