Aug 20

Clusterball2 is a upcoming iPhone App Store high-paced, adrenaline pumping flight sport demanding skill, tactics and ball control – designed as a first person shooter but without the splatter and gore. Played in midair with high tech aircraft, your objective is to gather and score as many balls as possible while trying your best to keep your opponents from doing the same. As your tail grows longer, your ship will gradually slow down, making you more vulnerable to attacks. Thus, each extra ball gathered involves a calculated risk.

Clusterball 2 excels its critically acclaimed predecessor in all areas and is set to be a milestone in gaming history.

Major additions include:
New revolutionary weapons system – choose to use each weapon offensively or defensively and in combination with other weapon types.
Three different models of aircrafts -varying from very fast and light ships to slow and heavy ones, all with their pros and cons and full tuning abilities.
New thrilling game modes expand the original Clusterball gameplay adding more variation. Besides classic Clusterball competition Clusterball 2 offers Stronghold, Fatball, Capture, Shootout and Clusterball Racing.
Stunning visual and physical effects including the in-house developed dynamic water effects technology acknowledged as spearheading by the leading industry magazine, Game Developer.


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2 Responses to “App Store – ClusterBall 2 (high paced iPhone action game)”

  1. g Says:

    i think they shouldnt make it turn so much

  2. Frankie Says:


    Nice game! Worth loading…

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