Aug 12

The iPhone 3G has officially been available for one month now. Many of you have had the chance to playwith the shiny new gadget and find its pro’s and con’s. well what would you change about it? tell us in the comments section below.

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14 Responses to “What would you change about the iPhone 3G?”

  1. daniel coelho Says:

    – Camera
    – Bluetooth file transfer
    – GPS turn-by-turn
    – The shadows on the movies are too dark
    It could be perfect…. But im still in love with my iPhone :D

  2. muckymucky Says:


    3G is fast in the correct areas
    GPS tracking is fun to watch and useful (kinda)


    3G coverage is sketchy (but thats not the phone’s fault but AT&T’s)
    GPS has no navigation (but yes we know apps will come but wish they’d come sooner)
    Cracks on plastic case easily created
    3G battery life is short
    App crashes (but thats all software)
    Unlockable (for now)

  3. Neo Says:

    In just a word, incredible!, the camera its 2 Mp, but its excellent, i like a flash in the next release (camera and in the safari browser) and a messenger program, the palringo and co. are not enough, copy and paste will be ok too….

  4. mdcosta911 Says:

    -Better battery
    -Better camera
    -Better speaker
    -Stereo bluetooth
    -MMS and Video features

  5. Jon Says:

    they all sound good to me :smile:

  6. Alex Says:

    How about some real features.
    Call recording
    Loud Speaker
    5MP Camera (That’s becoming standard, not 2MP and with a real lens)
    User Replaceable Battery
    Memory Card Slot

    These features have been around on other phones for years now. It’s astonishing everyone jumps on the iPhone as the mother of all phones when the only innovation they added was well, nothing really. You can’t even say their the first to put a real OS on the phone because Microsoft did that. The only innovation is OSX because it’s quite possibly the best OS around nowadays.

  7. Snawgz Says:

    Just to mention a few…
    -Satellite TV
    -Mind reading/control capability
    -Girlfriend/wife mute button (only if second option is not available)
    -Teleportation capability (at least complete Earth coverage)
    -Laser shooting capability

  8. Snawgz Says:

    Almost forgot…
    -Infinite Battery Life

  9. Unbreakable Says:

    Next iPhone

    5mp Camera +flash with video capabilities
    Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP with file transfer
    Safari with flash player
    Memory Card Slot
    32GB internal Memory
    Bring back the metal case not that cheap plastic
    Replaceable battery
    GPS Navigation

    And last but not least
    Better Price

  10. yves Says:

    Next Iphone,

    Bluetooth file transfert (like any other bluetooth phone)
    SMS transfert
    Possibility to delete one message from the sms conversation
    replaceable battery

  11. 13 Says:

    physically i dislike the back, it feels much lighter(the new one) but fignerprints jsut kill. im only saying based on playing with my friends. Im staying with the classic bc
    1. i dont have to pay 200 for a new one
    2. i dont need to make my contract any longer
    3. i pay less per month:D

  12. Mark Says:

    Sync to Outlook Notes and Tasks
    Longer batt life
    turn-by-turn GPS nav with voice like TeleNav

  13. iPhone lovah Says:

    What can be improved on iPhone 3G:

    – Metal Back
    – MMS
    – Turn by Turn Voice Navigation
    – Bluetooth transfer capabilities
    – Video Recording
    – Longer Battery Life when connected to 3G network

    What cannot be improved:

    – Its Sleek and Shiny look
    – Its Class eg. when u pull your iPhone out in town and people just stop and stare
    – The grip that you can get on it when you hold it

  14. any Says:

    what to make better? maybe to make from it usable phone for work :)

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