Aug 09

WinPwn 2.5 has not been released yet, but an earlier release has been announced. Click to read more.

An Announcement on WinPwns blog has announced that WinPwn has been released.

This release will have support for 1.1.4, 2.0 and now 2.0.1. It also comes with installer support.

YOU MUST UNINSTALL any older versions of WinPwn before installing

Enjoy Pwning your iPhone on Windows!

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22 Responses to “WinPwn released”

  1. cassio Says:


    please helppppppppp

    I want one link to be able to make download….the official site this is of air…..I want to make download fastest possible, mine iphone has problems….
    help me…

  2. Karr-im Says:

    greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat !!
    thank you WinPwn :)
    They were really fast this time :D
    thanks sooooooo much !

  3. Karr-im Says:

    they = WinPwn’s Team

  4. Karr-im Says:

    Can Someone please post a mirror link of WinPwn ?
    because the site is experiencing technical difficulties :(

  5. SS Says:

    is there a link? where can i get it?

  6. BroKen Says:

    good work guys :shock:

  7. edgaras Says: down?

  8. emma Says:

    i am use this and work excellent, you can install cydia, installer, fix youtube, and resize de disk default max 2GB, its great Iam happy :lol:

  9. Jash Sayani Says:

    Hi Multinova,

    Can I use Shift+Upgrade and select the Pwned ipsw image rather than Restoring from the Pwned image ?

    Dont want to lose all jailbroken apps for a minor update.

  10. preformer Says:

    Got it working on a iPhone 3G. Works fine. But typing this message, I find my iPhone typing slow. And ideas?

  11. gabriel Says:

    hey multinova im on 1.1.4. i want to upgrade to 2.1. , wheres the link to do this?

  12. Preformer Says:

    Don’t know iff I may post this, but here are some links to some mirrors

  13. sjdvda Says:

    Here’s another mirror with direct link!!!


  14. preformer Says:

    found another problem. After restoring my backupfile with all my app store files, all my apps are crashing when I start them. Only the pre installed apps are fine

    tryed to restart the phone, but that doesn’t help.

    Tommorow ill restore my phone and wait til al the hacks are stable.

  15. jp Says:

    should i use this or wait on winpwn 2.5

  16. Karr-im Says:

    yes you can Shift + Upgrade rather then Shift + restore :)

  17. ME Says:


  18. Multinova Says:

    2.1 isn’t available yet. It’s only been released to a select club of developers and it’s only beta 3. Expect it somewhere around september.

  19. Max Says:

    1st Question: If I pwn my iPhone 3G now, and September rolls around and Apple releases fw 2.1, I’ll just be able to update through iTunes to a legit firmware, and then pwn again (when there’s an updated Winpwn of course)?

    2nd: One of the steps in your tutorial says we have to use iPwner, and that pwns iTunes. What exactly does that mean that iTunes is pwned? Will an update to iTunes de-pwn it? Do I need the latest iTunes for this to work? If other iPods use that computer and iTunes, will there be any problems with that? Thanks!

  20. Karr-im Says:

    1st Answer : OF COURSE YES !!
    2st Answer : no an update to iTunes wont de-pwn it
    you dont need the very latest one (7.7.1) you need 7.7

  21. John Says:

    Used winpwn 2004 to upgrade to iphone 2.01(.T-Mobile carrier)
    Most things work ok but can’t connect to youtube. Says I must first connect to itunes with an internet connection to enable youtube.
    Can anyone help.
    Email me please.

  22. siddhanth Says:

    whts the problem

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