Aug 09

For those have not yet heard, GTS world racing is a new racing game that has come to the App Store.

GTS world racing takes full advantage of the iPhones accelerometer. you use it to steer, accelerate and brake your car. you can race on 64 different track layouts at 16 worldwide locatations. you also have 3 different car choices to choose from and 4 play modes and 4 difficulties to choose from. the four different play modes are:

  • Single Race – check out the tracks and practice your skills before heading for the main event
  • Challenge Cup – race at all 16 locations and achieve the required finishing position for your chosen difficulty
  • Grand Tour – complete all 64 tracks in 16 locations and achieve the required finishing position in each race
  • Championship – complete the full 16 race season and score the most points to win!

Price: 7.99$

Gameplay video


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5 Responses to “GTS world racing game now available”

  1. edgaras Says:

    This game boring..only 3 cars..and u always riding first ..oh i got it cracked :mrgreen:

  2. U Says:

    how? :shock:

  3. edgaras Says:

    Google>all just write iphone gts world racing cracked.

  4. Jash Sayani Says:

    I know. Its on the .ru site you had mentioned earlier :mrgreen:

  5. jazir Says:


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