Aug 09

As some of you may know, the Pwnage Tool 2.0.2 for OSX has been released, unfortunately this leaves Windows users out in the cold, however there is a solution. Read more to find out how

If your a Windows user and you can’t wait to pwn your iPhone with 2.0.1 then you have another option. You can restore your iPhones, using a custom firmware image.

There are 4 images available

(Unfortunely because we dont own a iPhone 3g we cant tell you what the ACTIVATED firmware will do.)

Thanks to Steven Lu, for these images.


Enjoy your iPhone (and now iPod Touch), with the new 2.0.1

See my Windows Alternative Guide to Pwning, using PwnageTool for windows.

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85 Responses to “2.0.1 Custom firmware for Windows”

  1. spinedoc Says:

    Yeah I’ve tried both the custom firmware linked above and the stock firmware and with either one loaded winpwn’s pwner’s button is still greyed out so I can’t pwner my phone. Very odd.

  2. George Says:

    yes, it also includes Installer

  3. ekse Says:

    oh.. my bad.. i just found out doing the restore back to 2.0 will fix my wifi issue.. apparently it happened to be that my router was not behaving well.. So i slapped it a bit.. jumped back to 2.0.1 and now .. i am good.

    But i was wondering.. installer 4 looks empty.. nothing is in there.. when i hit the refresh button on the source section with ripdev source link.. after a while it says the connection timed out.

    Since I see in your image up there.. that you are able to put some wallpaper backgrond.. i thought summer board is now out for 2.0.x .. could you let me know how i could do that?

  4. emma Says:

    yeah i finish process with winpwn and for now is very good
    I have cydia and installer

  5. emma Says:

    And i Have 1gb default disk =D you can resize the disk with winpwn

  6. zak Says:

    how exactly do you use this firmware to own iPhone 3g activated? Sorry this is my first attempt at pwning and wish to do it successfully

  7. Jimbo Says:

    All of these links are now ‘forbidden’… whassap?

  8. George Says:

    This does include Cydia and Installer 4.0 beta

  9. George Says:

    no, you must first winpwn your itunes before entering DFU mode to “restore” to the custom firmware

  10. rigel55 Says:

    links dead :evil:

  11. George Says:


  12. rigel55 Says:

    pls other Custom Firmware for iPhone 2g ACTIVATED (Unlocked!)
    link friends all thnx

  13. George Says:

    you must first download the official version of the firmware, and pwn itunes with that, then you may restore directly through itunes

  14. rigel55 Says:

    but apple logo :mrgreen:

  15. George Says:

    yes, and installer 4.0 beta

  16. George Says:

    yes iTunes has to be Pwned first using WinPwn or XPwn

  17. George Says:

    you must pwn with WinPwn or Xpwn First, or else this will not work

  18. George Says:

    you dont need to update to 7.7.1 i dont think but updating will not effect this in anyway, however before restoring in DFU mode, you must pwn iTunes first

  19. George Says:

    The 2g custom firmware is for use in iTunes after iTunes has been pwned using WinPwn. I will be updating the post with links to Standard 2.0.1 to use to Pwn iTunes

  20. George Says:

    Those links were closed, new links to follow.

  21. George Says:

    what image are you refering to? and SummerBoard 2.0 is not availiable yet, but WinterBoard is available through Cydia

  22. rigel55 Says:

    new links please new linksssssss :oops:

  23. rigel55 Says:


  24. ekse Says:

    Hey George!

    I have noticed that SummberBoard is not out for the 2.0.x firmware of the Iphone. And I have tried the winterboard available in Cydia. But it doesnt give me much preference over how I can manage the Springboard.

    It seems like it will load everything in a theme.. the icon sets and the dock style. What I would want is to be able to disable the icon sets yet have a background on my Iphone of my own choosing, even those which I select from my own synced images on the Iphone.

    Do you know how it could be done? anybody?

  25. Jon Says:

    this currently cannot be done but saurik is working hard on this and eventually we will have a better winterboard with options (such as this) and an actual UI.


  26. ekse Says:

    Thanks Jon. I needed to know.. is all.. like we waited for the Devs to crack the 2.0 .. I can wait for that to happen too. Just a point of note. SummerBoard was the most useful and appealing app I have ever downloaded from installer. I used it everyday… and was happy when my iphone showed me things the way I wanted it to. heheh..

    Nice work here … i used ur custom firmware for the 2G iphone to flash my phone.

  27. volcano2K Says:


  28. BHOTradio Says:


    Here is a new link for the Firmware 2.0.1.
    Restore and activated


  29. Indiana Says:

    Is it for the 2G Versions?

    Can I make a Backup from my FW 2.0, 2G iPhone, then Restore the FW 2.0.1 File (from your link, is it also opened for all networks?) and then restore my data back?
    Because I don’t want to install (copy) all apps again

    Thanks for your help

  30. maulik Says:

    new link for activated firmware for 2g iphone,1_2.0.1_5B108_Custom_RestoreFactoryLogos.ipsw?disposition=download+1173

  31. kuber Says:

    hi der
    i have dowloaded a custom fimware of ipod touch as my winpwn was not acceptin my restore file,Now dat custom firmware is not bein restored on my ipod some error (6) .

    WHAT TO DO ?

  32. help Says:

    im stuck in dfu mode and ive done the winpawn custom firmware…but its giving me the error 1600,wher can i get the 2.0.1 firmware for the older version

  33. iPhone 2.0.1 dla Windows bez WinPwn - Mac&Pc-News Says:

    […] Twórca obrazów: Steven […]

  34. Justin Says:

    Has anyone ever tried to use this software on a knock-off? I thought I was buying the real deal at a cheap price. Since I’m stuck with it I would like to mod it if I can. If someone knows how to make it work that would be great.

  35. Hell0z.... Says:

    Hello, I would like/need to know how do you install a custom firmware ?

    I’ve recently installed the 3.0 release, the phone works but it’s stuck on Rogers Canada.

    Some help would be apreciated.


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