Aug 08

Face Melter is a new App Store application that allows you to manipulate and play with your photos and turn them into something totally different.

you simply swipe across the iphone to make it “melt” the face in that direction. then you can pinch and zoom to magnify.

price: 1.99$

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3 Responses to “Face Melter: a photo manipulating app”

  1. iPhoniac Says:

    Fracking great app. The first download I had actually fun with. Mailing “melted” pix around all day now. Must have! Thx for the info.

  2. noel Says:

    I need to know if I can download this application for my iPhone 1.1.4 version. Please email me back the link that I could purchase this apps. Thanks

  3. Hannah Says:

    i wonna know how i can get this on my ipod touch ,x

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