Aug 05

The iPhone 3G is indeed an amazing phone, unfortunately it is not available to all even in countries where it is sold. Come August 20th, that will change for many, for that is when USB fever will be releasing their iPhone 3G unlocking tool.

You can now pre-order the .10mm thin piece of FPC that you connect to your SIM card. *Although* using this does requiring snipping one corner or the SIM card, so if something goes wrong.. its over. This very useful tool will cost you 35$. Enjoy!

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8 Responses to “iPhone 3G unlocking tool on its way!”

  1. jazir Says:

    OR you could wait and not spend a cent. but wait…..thats slightly obvious. WHAT HAZ I DONE!!!!!!

  2. Jon Says:


  3. Braden Says:

    The Dev Team says to stay away from these kinds if unlocks. I’d believe them and wait for them to release one.

  4. olin Says:

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  5. stephen grolsh Says:

    or you could just buy an “Any Network” device from :grin:

    i use one with my iphone 3g and it works everytime. im not tied to any network and i can upgrade the software through itunes as normail

  6. Unlock iPhone 3G Says:

    I am running firmware 2.2.1 on my iPhone 3G and have tried to run yellowsn0w several times but my iPhone is still locked!?!? Anyone have any ideas?

  7. Buy Unlocked iPhone 3G Says:

    Nice useful information, thanks. If you’re looking to buy an unlocked iPhone 3G instead of having to unlock one yourself, then you can get one at [spam link]

  8. Unlock iPhone 3.0 Says:

    You can’t unlock 2.2.1 with yellowsn0w at the moment, you need to use a Piggyback SIM unlock.

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