Aug 03

Here we again. Nullrivers NetShare has once again been pulled from the app store. It was really a surprise the first time it was pulled. allowing you to tether your laptop to your iphone and transferring that much data can make AT&T upset. :( Although the second time it was pulled is quite a surprise. we hope you got this handy little app before it was gone, because the chances of it coming back? not good at all. Read on for tips on how to make sure you dont lose this little app.For those that use this app and want to make sure its not lost by randomly getting deleted by itunes (its happened) or if you have to re-jailbreak your phone, here is a way you can make sure you dont lose it. simply SSH into your iphone and go to /var/mobile/Applications and look for 766E6FBF-4D8B-4477-9D81-559391ECB739Â ; update- this is different for every iphone. just click through them untill you see the name of the app listed as one of the directories. thanks Braden!

now simply copy that to your desktop and your done! you can reinsert that into /var/mobile/Applications anytime you lost it on your iphone.

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10 Responses to “NetShare pulled from app store again”

  1. Jason Says:

    just sayin go to they hav a whole bunch of cracked apps (most of them work) and one of them r net share so u can get it from there

  2. jazir Says:

    i have the cracked version, making it just like any other app. if u guys want the .app folder lemme know and ill mirror on mediafire.

  3. Zack Hébert Says:

    I’d love to have that app =]

  4. Braden Says:

    The location that you gave where the app gets installed is inconsistent. The random letters and numbers changes for very iPhone. They’ll have to find it themselves.

  5. jazir Says:

    ok and heres the link:

    hope yhe IPF staff doesnt pull this seeing as the app technically doesnt exist anymore :???:

  6. jazir Says:

    oops forgot to mention. just copy this to the applications folder in the stash, not the mobile directory applications folder. then just set perms to 777 and u should b good to go. i not create a folder called “Documents” and set the perms to 777. that should fix any problems. hope that helps ya bro :D

  7. jazir Says:

    i hope u dont mind that i posted the app folder. this app is basically vaporware now, just wanna share it with the community :D

  8. n00b Says:

    and how do i ‘now simply copy that to your desktop’? and how works ‘you can reinsert that into /var/mobile/Applications anytime’?
    how to copy a folder when SSH-ed into the phone?
    Or is there a way to make the iPhone show up in the Finder to access the files?

  9. Jash Sayani Says:

    Thanks. :mrgreen:

  10. Phatkid Says:

    “just set perms to 777” you lost me.

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