Aug 01

At E3, Electronic Arts have announced some iPhone Game updates (Scrabble, Sudoku and Tetris), as well as announcing some upcoming games. To find out more just click the link.

So at E3, EA Mobile announced that they will be updating 2 of their 3 launch games.

Tetris will be getting a new touch mode power-up, allowing the player to draw the piece that comes next, using the multitouch interface on the iPhone.

Scrabble will be getting 2 new features. You can use accelerometer to “shuffle” your tiles, by shaking the phone and the new update will also have a new “Wifi” feature, that allows you to play against your mate, over wifi.

The Original Spore game that was demonstated at the March 6th Conference (and then the MacWorld afterwards) has been tweeked and renamed “Spore Origins”.

I think the most exciting part was the announcement of Tiger Woods 09, and Need for Speed for the iPhone, as well as another board game release, Monopoly.

There was no mention of any dates aside from “following weeks and months”

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2 Responses to “EA announces iPhone Game updates at E3”

  1. matt Says:

    what about spore

  2. George Says:

    Matt, Spore is one i forgot to add. Thanks.

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