Jul 31

Apple has posted a new iTunes update. iTunes 7.7.1 “includes fixes to improve stability and performance.”

You can download this update by going into iTunes and going under help and clicking check for updates.

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12 Responses to “iTunes update 7.7.1”

  1. haha Says:

    I downlaod it before you post this :mrgreen:

  2. Braden Says:

    I wouldn’t update just yet though. Not until we see what’s different behind the scenes in this update, since WinPwn does pwn iTunes to make the iPhone accept custom firmware.

  3. Jon Says:

    True.. although i updated, and opened winpwn, and clicked ipwner and selected a previously created custom iphone .ipsw and it said itunes was pwned but i went no further than that so proceed at your own risk.

  4. asa Says:

    Hopefully, Dev Team or CMW will give a comment probably not wise until we know for sure.

  5. Jon Says:

    hopefully he’ll release winpwn 2.5 so we wont have to worry about it :wink:

    hopefully it didnt slow him down :sad:

  6. asa Says:

    Yes – for me I am just awaiting at least 2.01 bug fixes from apples side…other than a few bugs I really like 2.0 … if you use email allot the delete features are great…

  7. Jon Says:

    so did i! (you get it?! i wrote this post? hahaha!) :cool:

  8. Braden Says:

    Well let’s hope it didn’t change. I’d hate to see the process killed so soon. :sad:

  9. Braden Says:

    Yes, I love the multidelete in the Mail.app. It saves a lot of time! Especially now since I get emails when someone comments one of my posts. Saves tons of time.

  10. Jon Says:

    me too.. i bet it has something more to do with fixing the hacked DRM for the appstore.. i think it would take more than itunes 7.7.1 to stop winpwn dead in its tracks.

  11. jazir Says:

    not rly, apples a b*tch when it comes to killing anything opposinng their oppresive way. and on the drm hacking bit, i SERIOUSLY doubt it does anything cept kill the ipa method if even that. and anyways i only ssh the apps anyways. if anything its probably 2.0 supprt. we’ll hear soon i spose

  12. viru478 Says:

    at last apple improve the syn. issue with iphone on itune,now after update its realy fast

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