Jul 31

The iPhone is without doubt a magnificent phone. It is one of the best phones on the market. Despite whatever other blogs or people may say, it has changed the entire face of the cell phone industry. Although, there is still room for improvement. In this post ill detail 10 features we would like to see released in the iPhone firmware 2.1.

1) MMS: one thing i do miss from my old motorola slvr is the MMS. i didn’t use it often but it came in handy when i did.Â

2) Push Notification Service: this is one is a given im sure.Â

3) Video Recording: this one was available for jailbroken iphones on 1.1.4 but only for 30 seconds without paying for it and i miss it!

4) Turn-by-Turn GPS: this one has also been reported to be coming and im hoping it does. the iphones GPS works really well but having to click the arrow when you already passed a point in the map when getting directions is annoying.

5) Full iTunes Store Support: right now all you can do in iTunes is buy songs. many times ive found myself without my computer and thought of a movie id like and went into the mobile iTunes store and realized it couldnt be done!

6) Radio: this one was also reported to be coming. it was found in the localizedApplicationNames.strings

7) File Sending via Bluetooth: EVERY other phone on the market has this one and im still holding on that apples will to!

8) Gmail push Email: i love gmail! a lot better than my other 2 email address. but still no push support from apple.

9) Custom Photo library: this is something ive wanted to be able to do ever since i first go the iphone. my camera roll gets full of pictures and i dont want to sync to my computer so let me transfer to custom Photo album!

10) Wireless iTunes Syncing: i know im not alone on this. being able to customize what you do during sync what be nice as well. :)

Braden will be making a post of what bug fixes we would like next. Any features youd like that i didnt cover? post it below.

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15 Responses to “10 features we would like to see in iPhone firmware 2.1”

  1. haha Says:

    EA will make NFS for iphone :shock:

  2. Jon Says:

    yes. (will undoubtedly be my favorite game)

  3. mdcosta911 Says:

    Thats a good list.

    Let’s add wireless updates, stereo bluetooth (A2DP), and bug fixes, ofcourse.

  4. Jon Says:

    those are good (bug fixes- next post)

  5. Preformer Says:

    Hi all,

    What about a google calendar sync?

  6. epaminos Says:

    Disk mode support? And flash support in safari?

  7. mike Says:

    a background audio option so apps like pandora or tuner can stay open like the normal phone app. It could even run the same way and put a ribbon bar on the top like youre i :cool: n a call. More Bluetooth options too like file transfer.

  8. mike Says:

    supposed to say “in a call”. Faster sync and definetly faster backup please. Takes an hour now what happened to differential sync! Typing on an iPhone on a treadmill is hard fyi!

  9. brandon Says:

    I would like to see SMS app to be able to do a landscape keyboard like in Safari.

    And video recording for sure, along with zoom!! We should be able to zoom and video record with our cameras.

  10. yves Says:

    I’ll add to that wish list
    – copy & past
    – transfert SMS
    – delete only one sms from a conversation
    – SMS reception notification (EVERY Mobile phone got that option even before sms that is basic material !!) and then my friend will have to admit that this is the best phone in the world :)

  11. blk Says:

    -Home button customization (would be nice to assign a specific app to the home button)
    -Tranfer pics directly via SMS (i hate having to use my email just to send a someone a pic)
    -Bluetooth radio (seariously would love to use my blue tooth as my all in one ear piece even to listen to my ipod)
    -Ability to hide the preset default app icons. ( if i find a better app to replace the default ones like the clock or calculator, i would surely like to be able to hide or disable it)
    -Better camera options (like the camera pro and aperature offers for the break out phones)
    -For Godsake how about some Flash support !!!( whats the point of having a browser that you want view porn vid links with. Doesnt apple know “The Internet is for Porn”?)
    -Auto self destruct button (for those day your iphone freezed up all day and craps on you) :mrgreen:

  12. dirk Says:

    + no more missed calls, nice feature, right ? :smile:

    + forward sms to an email account
    + conversation intelligence (nice name or):
    I have several friends worldwide, many are living in Germany, some in Italy, France, Spain, USA and in Russia. My idea is that you store all conservation specific informations, like keyboard layout and character set in the conservation thread. If you enter a new message, the sms application will choose the last settings. Easy to implement but a milestone in the history of communication. My vision is that every man in the world can talk with every woman in the world :smile: :) . The words of the man will be translated into the desires of the woman :smile: :) :smile: . To all women in the world: Have a wonderful weekend :smile: .

  13. Da Basher Says:

    Fantastic website here, really

    Especially point 7 on your list, hilarious :shock: :???:

  14. julain Says:

    Also, still no support to wireless play ping-pong with other users…

  15. Jon Says:

    one can dream. :wink:

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