Jul 30

CMW, the creator of WinPwn, has posted another entry on on WinPwn’s homepage. This time giving us some info about the upcoming WinPwn 2.5. It states it will be much easier to use and will help people having issues. Full entry inside.

“New WinPwn is being developed which will be a lot easier to use and should help a lot of people having issues.Â
I will be releasing it very soon so check back when you can :)”

Personally, I think it’s pretty easy to use right now. I can definitely see where some bugs and errors need to be fixed. On the other hand, if it’s going to be more like the PwnageTool 2.0 for Macs, I can understand how it could be a lot easier. But I don’t see WinPwn going in that direction. Post your opinions in a comment below.

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8 Responses to “WinPwn 2.5 available soon”

  1. Collin Says:

    I’ve had 0 problems with WinPWN version

  2. BRAD Says:

    I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to computers at all. and I was able to follow the guide and get j/b 2.0 on my first try the only problem I had was with youtube I am on att and was informed not to check the fix youtube box so i did not and now youtube says to connect to itunes with internet connection to activate you tube .. but I don’t really care about you tube if anyone has any ideas though it would be nice

  3. Braden Says:

    Hmmm. Mine did that once, but I just plugged it up to iTunes on my computer and iTunes activated YouTube. Have you tried that? You most likely have, but I just want to make sure.

  4. jazir Says:

    theres a youtube activation fix in win guys

  5. jazir Says:

    im also hoping he builds in installer/cyd func like in 1.003, so we can dl packages straight in the ipsw. cant you guys contact him and ask?

  6. BRAD Says:

    Yes I tried connecting to itunes but nothing oh well not that big of deal

  7. Bryon Brock Says:

    New WinPwn 2.5 Screenshots!

  8. Knut Says:

    I have run both the quickpwn and the custom and the quickpwn had only one error:
    1. With QuickPwn everything works except youtube “Cannot connect to youtube”
    2. With custom and advanced the carrier does not work but youtube works cause we can choose to add the youtube activation

    Can you please add the youtube activation into the QuickPwn PLEASE ;-)

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