Jul 30

Picoli is a fairly new image editing iPhone application. It allows you to place one filter- such as making the picture brighter or sharper- one over another, which can become annoying. On the upside it works really well and can make up for the iPhones 2 megapixel camera. Once you are done editing you can save it back into your camera roll and delete the original if wanted.

Some of the effects that can be used with Picoli are brightness, sharpness, contrast, sepia, night vision, sunburn, and mirroring left and right and up and down. It will also allow you to flip the picture 90 degrees when needed. This app has some interesting and useful tools but will cost you 5$.




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5 Responses to “App Store – Picoli”

  1. bungee Says:

    this app rocks. its like a mini photoshop on my iphone :razz: think its definitely worth the price.

  2. Jon Says:

    i agree. :cool:

  3. Brian Says:

    After you edit a photo. It seems to stay on the Picoli App when you opn it later. That can be quite embarrassing. How do you make it go away?

  4. Jon Says:

    you can’t really make it go away. You could take a picture of a black wall or something and put it there.

  5. Tim Young Says:

    A few lame filters isn’t what I would call “photo editing” This app doesn’t even support cropping. On my iPhone 4, the app crashes at a rate that would make Microsoft proud.

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