Jul 25

I’m sure we all have seen Apple’s involvement with (PRODUCT) RED. For example, the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle have red versions as a part of this campaign, which help fight AIDS in Africa by giving (PRODUCT) RED a portion of the money made. Well, there are rumors going around that around Christmas, Apple may release a red iPhone 3G, also to help support (PRODUCT) RED. Of course, this is all rumors at the moment, but it definitely would not be surprising if Apple unveiled this.



Here’s a larger photo of what it could look like:


To learn more about (PRODUCT) RED and how Apple is involved, you can go here. Or, you can go straight to (PRODUCT) RED’s website.

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4 Responses to “Red iPhone 3G coming?”

  1. THE BOSS Says:

    i do not like this color :arrow: its very ugly ……..

  2. Adam Says:

    needs to be a darker red

  3. Stefan Says:

    i dont understand why the front side of the iphone stays in black while the backside is colored!?!

  4. christine rankin Says:

    love product red. Should have done this at launch because now I can’t buy one. I want it!!!!!

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