Jul 22

I’ve had some people ask me what’s the way to tether your iPhone 3G so you can use your high-speed data connection on the road. Apple and AT&T do not condone that you use your iPhone 3G as a laptop modem but i’ll give you q quick rundown.

Here’s the basic rundown:
– Jailbreak your iPhone 3G
– Install 3Proxy and Terminal
– Create an ad-hoc Wi-fi network using your laptop
– Join the network with your iPhone
– Find the iPhone’s IP address
– Open Terminal and run the proxy program
– Open Safari on your iPhone and open a web page
– Configure your browser to use the proxy

Original article By Nate True

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7 Responses to “How To Tether iPhone 3G”

  1. jazir Says:

    koo just another reason for me 2 get a laptop and 3g lol

  2. mdcosta911 Says:

    ok, look at the first step

    – Jailbreak your iPhone 3G

    isnt this not available yet?? or am i missing some major update?

  3. iPhone master Says:

    LOL yes u are. The ability to jailbreak ure iPhone 3g. However not able to unlock. Read a few earlier articles. Pwnage tool out on mac.

  4. Multinova Says:


    I’m prepping a proper guide for firmware 2.0 but i won’t have it ready before the weekend. :( I’m so short of time and i’m having some domestic issues (gf left me, so i’m single again), that’s why i’m not posting as hard as before.. Sorry but i’ll try to be back asap

  5. Dwaine Says:

    you can jailbreak iPhone 3G since early Sunday morning gone. It’s been on almost every iPhone forum. Check out pwnage tool 2.0 by the dev team. It can’t unlock for diferent networks yet though.

  6. Learners Says:

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  7. asa Says:

    take your time- you have the best ‘guides’ so looking forward to it! Hard to have a girl and a passion like computers :wink: but you will find balance. Thanks again

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