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As many of you know, the 2.0 firmware has some serious bugs. Many of which cannot be fixed without a software update from Apple; however, some of them can be worked around. Read more for information.

I’m sure there are many bugs, but these are the one’s I’ve had the most trouble with, or the ones that can be easily fixed.

Search history not being cleared: I just recently figured out that if you go to clear your Safari history by going to Settings->Safari->Clear History, you’re Google/Yahoo searches are not erased. After many attempts, I found that by going into the Safari application, opening your bookmarks, opening your history, and touching the Clear button in the bottom left is the only way that my search history was cleared.

App Store applications not installing correctly: Many times when attempting to install an application from the App Store, the applications gets frozen when attempting to install. You cannot uninstall it, because the “X” does not appear beside it when you hold down the icon. Usually, a sync with iTunes would fix this, but a few times not even that would help. To delete the icon from your springboard, if your iPhone is jailbroken, navigate to /var/mobile/Media using SSH or USB and delete everything in the Downloads folder. There will be a .jpg file and a file named “manifest”. Then reboot your phone, and the icon is gone. If your phone is not jailbroken, download a USB iPhone file browser like Total Commander or iPhoneBrowser. For a great tutorial on how to do this, go to this previous post. Since it is not jailbroken, only /var/mobile/Media will be accessible.

Slow typing inside the SMS application: When this happens to me, usually when I press Reply when I get an text message pop-up inside another application, a simple exit and reopening of the SMS app fixes this.

Also, the creator of the installer applications TourDeFrance and Formula1 emailed me reporting a serious bug. Whether this would apply to you or if it was a compatibility issue, I’ll post his email to give everyone the heads up:

“I downloaded some apps via iTunes App Store,
Sync. them with my iPod Touch,
I had to go, i stopped the sync.
My iPod was very very slow, everything toke a long time to start up,
So i reboot my iPod Touch
The ipod only showed the Apple, for more then 10 minutes.
When i was at home i plugged the USB on and iTunes didn’t find the iPod.
I tried everything, pushed home und sleep button, NOTHING,
Pusched only Home Button NOTHING,
Tried sleep and home button and then home button alone, NOTHING.
I tried and tried…
After 5 or more times it worked.
Plug the USB, push home and sleep button,
Unplug the USB, push only home button for more then 3 seconds!
Plug the USB, push only home button for more then 30 seconds!”

He also gave me a link to some screenshots he took  here.

I hope these helped someone. Some of these you may not be experiencing, but it’s nice to know how to fix it, just in case they turn up.

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15 Responses to “iPhone 2.0 firmware bugs and how to fix them.”

  1. saeedsaf Says:

    But how can I install OPEN SSH, or browse using USB?

  2. Braden Says:

    Are you on the 1.1.4 or 2.0 firmware?

  3. saeedsaf Says:


  4. Braden Says:


  5. saeedsaf Says:

    mac and windows, 2.0 pwned.

  6. Innovaciones Says:

    Install from cydia, there is a package to get SSH

  7. Braden Says:

    Install a package name OpenSSH using Cydia. Then go to http://iphonefreakz.com/2008/04/24/manage-your-iphone-files-via-usb-cablewindows/ to figure out how to manage your files via USB on your Windows machine, or go to http://iphonefreakz.com/2008/04/05/howto-upload-and-download-files-from-you-iphone-ipod-touch/ to see how to manage your files via SSH on Windows. I would tell you how to do it on a Mac, but unfortunately, I don’t own one.

  8. iMario Says:

    install OpenSSH in Cydia.

  9. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    i had the same problem apple logo stuck when my app store froze and 2-3 apps downloaded and installed could not run them one oclock morning i just gave up after waiting 20 minutes was too tired to make a restore i slept thinking that in morning i would wake up and make a restore but i found my iphone working everything and more perfect than before my suggestion is on apple logo if you wait like an hour or maybe two hours your iphone goes back to normal i think if you rush it thats when things start to freeze sms etc. i am sure at the time its stuck on apple logo that time its sending information to apple and i think apple does something without our knowledge APP STORE things are lot different from before

  10. saeedsaf Says:

    I can’t find it.

  11. Braden Says:

    I’m sorry. I can’t help you. I don’t know where it is in Cydia. I don’t have a pwned phone. Perhaps someone who has a jailbroken 2.0 could help?

  12. shoxxxi Says:

    LoL… Sometimes I wonder…

    When you open Cydia you can tap on Featured Packages and there it is.

    There is even an OpenSSh Access How-To on Cydia’s Frontpage!

  13. JoeMamma Says:

    Dude, there’s a thing called punctuation. Use it once in awhile. Seriously.

  14. saeedsaf Says:

    LOL, I re-pwned my phone nd it worked thx all, but the Featured Packages page disappeared now. ??

  15. iPhone Says:

    closing the SMS screen and re-opening, doesn’t work for me, I have to litterally restart the phone, and then text.. after a good 20 minutes of texting it does this again, IDK about everyone else, but Im a texter rather than a caller, I can say what I have to say, without listening to there annoying voices, and I love the memory on it, how it remembers what you type, (really good for short-handing-texting). Yeah SMS is really not a “known” word in the CELL PHONE world, unless your Steve Jobs at a Key Note, debuting the Revolutionary iPhone.

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