Jul 18

Following IUGO’s breakout preview of its captivating iPhone FPS, Re-Volt and recently announced title in progress, Shaky Summit, IUGO is revealing a 3rd iPhone title in the works; TBD. Toy Bot Diaries that is!
Tiny Toy Bot has awakened within a strange machine and now he needs your help! Use Toy Bot’s handy grappling hook and magnet boots to navigate him through environments teeming with physics-based challenges as he plunges into an unfamiliar world. Simply tilt to make him walk, or touch to have him grapple onto any metal object.

Tap Toy Bot to toggle his magnet boots and have him hang from metal walls and ceilings. Without his memories, Toy Bot needs you to pull him through his debut adventure.

TBD will follow the episodic path, allowing for an intriguing world to swell around the little gregarious robot. Look for TBD Episode I to launch on the iPhone this summer!

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at TBD concept art in its stylized, comic strip form:

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