Jul 15

YiPhone.org. The timer has dropped to zero… Actually it’s still going down, much like the timer from the iPhone Dev-Team. This counter is still counting but now the opposite side. Is YiPhone a fake? Was this just something to annoy the iPhone Dev-Team?

I don’t know for now, maybe light will shine on all the questions soon. Not much we can do but wait.


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7 Responses to “YiPhone.org fake or not??”

  1. MannyG Says:

    i knew that $hit was fake!!! dammitt

  2. Bennyvd Says:

    I buy them a new clock so that he runs correctly

  3. Chris Says:

    Well I’m guessing it was more a bragging right kinda thing.

    embedded in his script was + “google-analytics.com/ga.js’

    So its keeping count of how many people go there… BS

  4. SgT Says:

    I dont think it would be that easy to annoy the dev-team. :smile:
    They have the knowledge and the talent.

    And now it seems that it was a fake.

  5. kraussco Says:

    still waiting for winpwn 2.0 ….

  6. EsMaNdAu Says:

    anyway who cares about geohotz? baaa Dev Team Will kick His AZZ

  7. Jash Sayani Says:

    Yeah. I am going to donate GEOHOT so he can get himself a new clock ! :mrgreen:

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