Jul 15

One of our members (asa) has found the following video from the Brazillian Team where they claim to be the first team to unlock the iPhone 3G. Unfortunately i don’t speak Portuguese so i really don’t understand a word that they’re saying. Anyone want’s to clarify for our other readers? Video after the break.

Watch it on your iPhone.

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15 Responses to “Brazillian team unlocks the iPhone 3G ?”

  1. Braziliaans team claimt eerst iPhone 3G unlock > Nieuws > iPhoneclub.nl Says:

    […] Via: DesbloqueioBr.com.br Via: iPhonefreakz.com […]

  2. iamse7en Says:

    From what I understand, all they do is claim to have unlocked it, with no specifications on how it was done.


  3. Vito Says:

    thats how much i understood too…

  4. asa Says:

    A further update. Someone claims they used what is called a “turbo sim” to do this. However, I am not sure about this.

    To read it just use a babel translate URL tool.

  5. asa Says:

    Sorry website is http://desbloqueiobr.com.br/portal/

  6. Stefan Says:

    This iPhone 3G was NOT unlocked. He is obviously turning it around and showing the “CE” logo, which is a EUROPEAN community logo for product safety. Therefore, this phone IS a European import and must be from a country where they sell unlocked iPhones: Italy or Belgium.

    This iPhone is not a US iPhone. (youtube comment)

  7. Zack Hébert Says:

    Did anyone else notice that when he ended the call on his 2G iphone that it did a hard respring :shock:

  8. Wesley Says:

    It is unlocked as he does two test calls, one from the iPhone 3G and other to it.

    The logo is from TIM, one of the mobile carriers here at Brasil, he does not say anything interesting besides what he’s doing and that this is the first unlocked iPhone 3G, made possible by the brazilian community.

  9. lawsangel Says:

    Notice he hangs up the second phone manually :???:
    when he hangs up the first phone he shouldn’t need to hang up the second.

  10. Wesley Says:

    And they say on their website:

    Ligue Agora Mesmo: (xxx)

    Which means:

    Call right now: (xxx)
    If you don’t believe you can check it out at our office

  11. Jash Sayani Says:

    That was seriously BRAZUCOS !

  12. Rick Says:

    I think it´s a USA iPhone, because in one of their videos he shows the unboxing and it comes with USA charger , the ones in europe are diferent. They put something on the chip to make it work, but i´m not sure it will sync wiyh itunes.

  13. Wesley Says:

    What I can see that seems to be a problem is the fact that when he calls the old iphone and puts in the speaker you can hear the echo, but not when he does the opposite.

  14. Podesta Says:

    Those guys are really good…

    I believe the video is real because I have a lot of friends who unlocked their phones with these guys….

    And in the video… they only say the number and that they are the firsts in the world to unlock the 3g iphone….

    I think it was done by some changes with the chip because there is no jailbreak on that iphone no installer or nothing….

    And did you see that blue table on the wall in the end of the video??

    It is a lot of ATeT chips of the phones that they have unlocked :p :p :p

    And if you have any problems with the portuguese just ask me ok….

  15. Paul D. Spradling Says:

    I speak no Portuguese but I got about 80% of it because of my Uruguayan Spanish. :D

    Hey, today is July 14th, 8:45.
    And here it is, the iPhone 3G, Unlocked. Totally unlocked. This is for everyone who didn’t believe. We won geohot and Dev Team!
    He then shows the About window, shows TIM Brazil, FW is 2.0, baseband is OK, etc. 3G for sure!
    Let’s try and make a call.
    (something) 3G!!!!
    First unlocked iPhone in the world!!! We were the first, Brazilians!
    Then says something I don’t understand and something about the App Store.

    It’s not a Brazilian iPhone because it’s on TIM and not Claro (the carrier it’s coming out with in Brazil).
    It’s also not an unlocked Italian or Belgian iPhone because it has the FCC logo on the back, it also has the EU’s CE logo but I’m pretty sure European iPhone only have the CE and no FCC.

    The poster says it was unlocked via a BaseBand exploit.
    Some other guy says: “It really works, turbo sim similar method, but works, now we develop the next steps to fully unlock”.

    IMO, this is just some bullshit promotional video for that guy’s company and it’s just [Turbo/Stealth/etc]SIM. If it really is a BB exploit then they would’ve posted it…

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