Jul 14

I’ve been bringing you all the nasty details of the unlocking war that started when GeoHot announced YiPhone a couple of days ago. But now the iPhone dev-team created a new site with the name ihazsupper. The site shows us a picture of the ‘Woz’ who’s offering a gold iPhone to the members of the iPhone Dev-Team and it shows GeoHot in the possition of Judas.

The web-site can insinuate much. Will something be released tommorow or is it just a direct attack to GeoHot YiPhone? Another intresting fact is that on ihazsupper the counter is going up instead of going down like on the YiPhone site.
As we know that Zibri (ZiPhone) has announced to stop working for now, all eyes are now turned on the iPhone Dev-Team(PwnageTool 2.0) and GeoHot (YiPhone) … All we can do is wait …


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11 Responses to “iPhone dev-team responds to YiPhone”

  1. Marc C. Says:

    This is interesting, but the timer is set for too long so who knows what the hell is going on??

  2. haha Says:

    hahahhaahha fun picture :grin:

  3. bennyvd Says:

    about 14 days ?

  4. Marc C. Says:

    well hey now that would suck for a jailbreak program, i kinda want it by like today lol

  5. frag Says:

    When the timer reaches 133,775,136, we’ll know.

    A little source code viewing always helps.

  6. trewq10 Says:

    iphone 3G unlocked ??


  7. lmao Says:

    :mrgreen: sup with devteam? they act like immature 15y.olds. losers, like we care who releases first. spare us with the war crap. :wink:

  8. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    this is not countdowntimer this to me is a countuptimer

  9. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    i think the implication is to show that they not going to rush they dont know when,and if you want waIT OR DONT WAIT.

  10. balls Says:


    It is counting up, but it is a negative number so it will go to zero eventually, if anyone can figure it out… Damn crazysub

  11. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    it is a negative number but its going more and more negative so this number will not reach to zero if you owe 20dollars and somebody says you owe another 34 dollars and then the next second you owe another 45dollars – – – and – – -so on and so on if you think it of it in these terms this counter is of this type and mathematically this kind of timer will never reach to zero

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