Jul 10

The iPhone dev-team is certainly up to something. If you look at their blog you can find some cryptic messages with tag lines like “Position freely!”, “Our sources are hidden…”, “West we go!” and some images that look like pointers with the iPhone and iPod touch on it. Will they release..

A gps solution? Did they unlock the iPhone 3G (Pwn, WinPWN 2.0) or are they going to release something really really new ? Go check their site or come back regulary to get the latest updates.

Pwnagetool 1.2 screen updated. Thanks Benny

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4 Responses to “iPhone dev-team up to something(pwnagetool 1.2 screen updated)”

  1. Marc C. Says:


  2. asa Says:

    Cool – can’t wait!

  3. bugs b Says:


  4. isdiicibdibrd Says:

    how u do it

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