Jul 10

The iPhone Dev-Team has released pictures on their blog of a hacked iPhone firmware v2.0 with icons of Installer, App Store and Cydia. I guess it won’t be long before we have the official firmware 2.0 unlocked and jailbroken. Jump the break to the screens.

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11 Responses to “iPhone dev-Team show pictures of the First GEN iPhone with Installer + Cydia + App Store”

  1. Roy Chang Says:

    cool! so its definitely jailbroken ! hopes for the unlocker now :D

  2. Giovanni Says:

    yeeaahhhh :mrgreen:

  3. bebe Says:

    unlock the btcih. ( I wanted to write it like that)

  4. Marc C. Says:

    too bad some people suck and didnt think it was going to be hacked for months. stupid people. they already had the beta cracked and from this point on, JUST LIKE THE PSP, they will hack very new version within days of release.

  5. sean Says:

    the people working and developing over at apple are pretty smart, but there is some strong competion when it comes to the hackers and developers on the streets. they cant top us. this get this jailbroken so i can have every app from everywhere!

  6. Marc C. Says:

    installer on 2.0 = free appstore apps

  7. kraussco Says:

    unlocked – look at the carrier

  8. Marc C. Says:

    Could always be the MakeItMine app

  9. kraussco Says:

    no ´cause MakeitMine isn´t ported on 2.0

  10. Learners Says:

    Brilliant ….so after you upgrade your firmware 1.1.4 to firmware 2.0 , do you think you can use WinSCP407 to change the root/sytem/library/CoreService/SystemVersion.plist back to 1.1.4 ….just a thought if anybody understand

  11. Braden Says:

    MIM isn’t the only way to change the carrier. You can manually edit the plist. Although I’m pretty sure they’ve unlocked it.
    Unlocking it should be pretty easy as long as your bootloader is neutered. If it’s not, I recommend doing so.

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