Jul 08

Exposure is a Flickr browsing client that makes it easy to see what folks are up to on Flickr. Browse your own photos, your contacts, or stranger’s photos easily and using all that bells and whistles one would expect from a full fledged iPhone app. You can also comment on photos, favorite them, share them via email and more.

The most interesting feature of Exposure, though, has to be the ‘Near Me’ button. Click this button and using the magic of GPS (or the almost GPS that the first gen iPhones and iPod touches have) Exposure shows you pictures on Flickr that were taken near your current location.

Exposure will be available in two versions:

* The free version will feature ads via The Deck
* $9.99 will get you ‘Exposure Premium’ which has no ads

Both versions, it should be noted, have the exact same feature list.



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2 Responses to “App Store – xposure ( a Flickr browsing iPhone client)”

  1. se7en Says:

    I’d have to see the features and layout of this app, and compare it with MobileFlickr. MobileFlickr is fantastic.

  2. hamdan Says:


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